Dan Kennedy Investigative Demo


Dan Kennedy is currently a reporter at WTVF in Nashville. The investigative reports seen in this demo are from his time at WRCB in Chattanooga when he worked alongside investigative producer Beth Burger.

0:00 911 Dispatcher fired for sharing private information
2:47 Man killed on icy road that was never treated despite requests for sand
5:52 Deplorable conditions at a cemetary not corrected despite complaints noted by the state

The MasterMind Marketing System Audiobook by Jay Abraham

You can listen to the full audiobook The MasterMind Marketing System, free at our library.

MasterMind Marketing: moneymaking power principles for your business success!
The difference between merely getting by and making a large fortune in business is totally dependent upon a few key MasterMind Marketing strategies and actions that you take and that your competitors don’t recognize or act on!
Jay Abraham’s The MasterMind Marketing System shows you how to take maximum advantage of the hidden opportunities, assets, and advantages you possess now the advantages that all supersuccessful people capitalize on as a matter of principle. You will discover a kaleidoscopic array of possibilities you can implement immediately to exponentially increase your success, income, and opportunity base.
Jay Abraham uses time-tested strategies in a unique layered approach that will free you from business worries as they ironclad your future success. Hundreds of people have become millionaires or multimillionaires by following Jay Abraham’s advice. Thousands of people have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their sales or income. The secret they know is this: 98 out of 100 people use tunnel vision in their own business endeavors, never looking beyond the traditional ways of doing business in their own field. Through Jay Abraham’s experience in over 400 different industries, you will expand your view of what is possible and learn a myriad of ways to keep your customers coming back for your product or service permanently.
You will discover how to bring a customer into your sphere of influence and never let him or her go, with strategies to optimize each business relationship. You will learn how to see opportunities differently from how you have before, to remove obstacles and view things from a nonmyopic standpoint. You will uncover the small distractions and adjustments you can easily make to them to increase your business, not laterally but exponentially.
In The MasterMind Marketing System, you’ll learn:

The difference between good leverage and bad leverage
Tunnel vision versus funnel vision
To develop a strategy of preeminence
The Power Parthenon strategy for your business
The only three ways to increase your business
The power of a great referral system
Why your business will become the only choice for your clients
How to increase the size and frequency of all your future business transactions

The MasterMind Marketing System is about making connections. It took about 1,000 years after ice cream was developed for someone to invent the ice cream cone. The flush toilet was invented around the late 1700s, but it took until about the late 1800s for someone to invent toilet paper.

Genius Network Presents: Entrepreneurial Personality Type interview with Alex Charfen

Genius Network Presents: “Entrepreneurial Personality Type” interview with Alex Charfen

Join Joe and Alex at this year’s Genius Network Annual Event: http://www.GeniusNetworkEvents.com

For more info on Alex’s company, check out: www.Charfen.com/genius

In this episode Joe Polish interviews Alex Charfen, a lifelong entrepreneur whose sole focus is dedicated to helping businesses grow. Alex is the creator of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type, which helps entrepreneurs understand how to look at their attributes objectively, and go beyond weaknesses or perceived areas for improvement in order to see their unique value.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover in this episode:

The Entrepreneurial Personality Type: Understanding the most important (and misunderstood) personality type
How to make the most of your strengths and abilities to achieve what you want in your business and life
Liberation From Labels: How to overcome suppression and change the world
2 questions to ask yourself every morning if you want to create faster results
Why entrepreneurs are similar to hunters and where this drive comes from
Alex and Joe walk through the attributes of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type
The truth about every major entrepreneurial success in history from Edison and Ford to Jobs and Gates
Alex reveals the 9 Entrepreneurial Personality Type’s fundamental life questions
4 simple steps for overcoming constraints and creating more freedom
“Contribution is a shortcut to capital” : What this means and why it could change your life
How to harness your entrepreneurial gifts, create more value and make your greatest contribution
Alex shares the 3 states entrepreneurs exist in: 1. M__________ 2. R__________ 3. C__________
The Overwhelm Equation: How to master overwhelm, reduce pressure and noise, and create greater clarity and momentum

“You don’t have to feel alone…. Everyone who has ever mattered has been just like you.” –Alex Charfen

Join Joe and Alex at this year’s Genius Network Annual Event: http://www.GeniusNetworkEvents.com

Genius Network Presents: “Entrepreneurial Personality Type” interview with Alex Charfen https://youtu.be/_8w2dBbknSE

4 Principles of Conscious Capitalism – John Mackey

4 Principles of Conscious Capitalism – John Mackey. To learn more about Genius Network® click here: https://goo.gl/0mX9id

Why entrepreneurs are heroes, the four principles of conscious capitalism, the two most important components of a great company culture and more with John Mackey.

John Mackey is the co-founder of Whole Foods, an advocate of entrepreneurship, and best-selling author of Conscious Capitalism.

Recorded live from the Genius Network Annual Event.


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Brian Kurtz & Eelco de Boer – Lessons Learned From Direct Marketing Legends

Brian Kurtz & Eelco de Boer – Lessons Learned From Direct Marketing Legends

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Learnings from Dan Kennedy – Cleveland Wealth Watch Special!

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I recently spent three days at a seminar in Cleveland Ohio. I think Cleveland might be America’s equivalent of Stoke on Trent. Even the pigeons fly upside down because it’s not worth crapping on…

But the fact I was there at all is testament to two things. My desire for life long learning so that I can keep getting better at what I do. And the unique positioning of my American business mentor, Dan Kennedy, who is so highly regarded by his clients that they’ll schlepp from the UK, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe to be there.

You had to give details of your net worth before the event, and of the two hundred people in the room the average was two to five million dollars. That in itself is instructive. Every one of these people is already enormously successful by any standards. Yet here they are, going to quite a bit of expense and inconvenience to learn how to run an even better business. I think it explains how they got to where they are in the first place.

Dan is a great example of someone who’s designed the life he wants and fits his business around it. He does most of his work, including client consulting sessions, in the basement office under his home. His daily rate is eighteen thousand six hundred dollars, and there are more people queuing to book them than there are days available.

The reason he wants to work from home is that his hobby is racing those funny horse and buggy things so popular in America. Having only started in his forties, he’s now a front running competitor among professionals who’ve been at it for years. And he’s sixty years old. He turned up at one event a few years ago limping in agony after a high speed crash. He ignored doctor’s orders so he could meet his commitment to eight hundred delegates at the event. There’s now a chapter of his business development group that meets once a month in London, so let me know if you want to join me there and I’ll send you the details.

The only other speaker was Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The book has now sold over five hundred million copies, making him the best selling non fiction author of all time. In fact the only books to outsell him are the bible and Harry Potter! He explained how many publishers rejected the book, and how he travelled the country meeting the top hundred best selling authors to pick their brains on how they did it. Having sold the business for many millions, he now invests in alternative energy companies and in weight loss products. From the number of walking wide loads I saw on the streets of Cleveland, that’s a great business to be in.

About the only light relief during the intensive event was a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a kind of louvre on the lakefront with its glass pyramid shape and arty farty décor. But what an amazing collection of memorabilia. There’s the obvious stuff like Janis Joplin’s psychedelic Porsche or Elvis’s motor bike. But for me the most fascinating were the some of the smallest scraps of history. The contract for a Merseyside gig where both acts, Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Beatles, were paid ten quid for their night’s work.

The tiny scrap of paper on which Brian Wilson wrote the lyrics for God Only Knows. David Bowie’s suit from his Thin White Duke period. Ah, the memories. In true Disney fashion you exit through the shop, where I only just stopped Daphne buying a full size statue of Freddie Mercury by asking how it would fit in her hand luggage.

But , all in all, my advice is if anyone tells you to put Cleveland Ohio on your list of places to see before you die, be very careful out there!

Jay Abraham Live in Tokyo 2008

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