Why Your “Traffic” Sucks? How to Enjoy 21% Conversions Right Now!

When I first got started online in the internet marketing and make money from home marketing niche, it was like a chicken and egg scenario for me.

I started learning how to generate tr@ffic first because in my mind at the time, I thought if you just throw enough traffic at something then it’s bound to work right?

I was Wrong about that. And found out the hard way.

See, I learned how to setup and run fb ads to my offers, and even had a FB ad rep account, and then I tried PPC on Google but just spent a bunch of money.

For the offer I had at the time, I learned FB Ads and generated traffic but struggled to convert the offer on FB.

I tried running ads on LinkedIn which also struggled to convert for THAT offer.

But never one to quit while I’m ahead, I decided to just keep trying and trying.

Eventually, I bought a funnel, and started sending Solo Ad Traffic to make my first dollar online, and much more than that since then.

So Solo Ads and List swaps or cross promotions are what worked for my offer. Your offer will be different, and so will his and hers and hers and his.

So thinking about who would buy your product one might ask who buys similar products?

Where do those prospects hang out one might wonder?

Using keywords to search in Social Media 2.0site like FB, Google, LinkedIn, and the most active places on the internet are some places where your buyers might be.

And you can search groups, posts, people, all of that, so that you can zero in and communicate with your perfect target.

After learning this method, I realized that you don’t even need your list really. Because there are huge “lists” on social media.

Eventually, you do want to capture those leads and bring them into your tribe, but at first it’s all out there for any business owner to do practically CIA level intelligence gathering

So the moral of this story is, the offer, the copy, and all of that is WAY more important than Traffic “Generation”.

I learned about copywriting first from Mike Dillard, then Dan Kennedy, and keep studying relentlessly because it is such an important skill to have.

Especially if you start out like I did doing EVERYTHING yourself.

I’ve built dozens of my own websites using WordPress, click funnels, and other tools.

For auto-responders I’ve used Active Campaign, Get Response, and Mail Chimp.

My advice is to master one thing at a a time. For example, there are a lot of copywriting books and products, and programs. One thing Mike Dillard taught me, and then I learned it from DobermanDan and others is to write sales copy by hand.

So I spent hours and hours. Copying out the Gary Halbert Letters by hand.

And that helped a lot. Another person I’ve watched and learned from is Dan Kennedy through his NO BS newsletter.

Another person I really enjoyed studying is Doberman Dan. He also has a $97 dollar a month newsletter called off the chain.

And Ben Settle is another wicked copywriter that I would.follow all over again as I’ve learned a lot from Ben.

Like something he.said about this product called Scott Haines Copywriting Secrets, which is available in an updated 2.0 version.

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, offer to list or traffic match is what is most important.

Then copywriting to sell your widget or product or service that will solve your prospects burning desires that’s also extremely important.

So ask yourself what are you selling? What is the competition doing. Should you copy their approach or pivot in the opposite direction. Really depends. And you should test it.

But swiping the competition approach is something RusselBrunson, founder of click funnels recommends.

So is it really the traffic that sucks or something else that needs to be tweaked! 🤔 Not sure.

I’m offering a ridiculous $1 brain storming marketing audit. To get a ton of knowledge and experienced business consultant to look at your stuff could easily be the best investment you ever made.

Why a dollar you might be thinking, and to be honest it’s so that I know you’re serious.

If it sounds like you, then send me a dollar and I’ll give you a thorough audit.

Sending you good vibes.

Clinton Smith


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