Whip your hat into the Marketing bull ring of fire…

Whip your hat into the bull ring of fire…

Step boldly into the symphony

cracking the whip inside the halls of your auditorium.

Suddenly, Like a soft comfortable dream on a pillow you’re floating,
watching from your third eye

Which simply means you’re absorbing an exciting movie  of You watching You in the theater of your mind.

Now hearing the symphony and tasting the  magic, you’re seeing yourself playing sparkling harmonious melodic notes of colorful pastels

Pausing during the scene, they begin snapping and popping into a  beautiful bright kaleidoscope of multi dimensional abstract colors…

And you relax…the technology takes hold

And as you begin to take a deep breath you slowly exhale seeing them floating gently all around you..

While feeling it reverberate powerfully into your past beyond your present…

While flying back into your future echoing inside  the halls of greatness…

And as you see yourself listening to that ringing sound of abundance…

You fast forward the reels of the tape watching while vast possibilities begin unfolding rapidly right  before your eyes…

Seeing yourself again now during the experience..

You start to notice a feeling that You’re  powerfully imagining you’re cementing those good exciting feelings from deep down within inside you..

Radiating them out from within shining like the sun.

You can smell something familiar like a fresh ocean breeze exploding like microscopic Skittles in every direction.

And now as those atoms of color start exploding systematically into the universe you feel secure knowing you’re building a powerful legacy that is naturally evolving.

Chief aspects become clear as you begin to rise up, sensing a guttural roar building…NOW Raging!

Starting from deep down within that hunger builds like a ravenous Tiger propelling you forward gliding so naturally you easily proceed.

With the confidence of a Supernatural God titanium polished you emerge with a light see through coating of natural grace and humility.

And as the Ambulance passes by you hear the siren off in the distance and you see some bystanders standing around as you ask yourself what it would feel like right before making the decision to even consider to Buy In to Any New Ideas Right Now.

And not everyone’s ready for it..

Either way smart people just like yourself are taking a peek!

Return here often to discover what it’s all about.

Clint Smith


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