Your Marketing Zuchs! Disastrous Spaghetti Debacle

As you are aware Mark Zuckerberg was testifying before Congress, due the recent privacy and rights violations his company allowed data sharingof that was a little more than just a little bit if you know what I mean?

Facebook took so much data and has shared it.  But is anyone really that surprised?

With the targeting capabilities for marketers that was available in 2014, when I first started running ads on Facebook, even back then were amazing.

And it’s hard to believe that people expect to use these platforms for f.r,we and still not expect their data to be shared even though it’s probably in the Terms of Service.

So, what does the future hold for internet marketing, especially in relationship to Facebook testimony and an inivetible pendulum swing in the other direction?

Well, that’s one reason I believe smart businesses make the right decision to build a list of customers and email them.

DAILY – not just when it is convenient for your business.

No, give them entertainment, and value and they will gobble it up, when you do it the way i teach now, learning from my own mentors such as Ben Settle, and Matt Furey.

Master’s of Persuasion in Email Marketing that Makes Sales, while you have more fun running your business! Or better yet, your business running itself.

Cuz that’s what happens when you combine my customer service expertise, with info-tainment style emails and listbuilding.

Let’s take a local bar for example the creates an email list of customers to offer drink specials, and deals, and fun times! True story. increased revenue by simply collecting email addresses and started to email with permission.

Also, another Italian Restaurant here in my City on the beach in Southern California , just outside Palos Verdes had been in business 35 years when their lease was up and the owners decided to increase the rent.

It put the Italian Restaurant “out of business”except for one little interesting thing that they did. The restaurant announced to everyone impending closing dates and had earth shattering numbers in those final months.

Scarcity – when people realized the secret spaghetti sauce formula might not survive.

Then, the restaurant put out a yellow notepad and a pen, and they started capturing email addresses letting their customers know they’d be in touch and were thinking about opening s restaurant in another town.

The final days were a spaghetti frenzy as people clamored for the golden red meat sauce. Some people had it that night @nd others froze the spaghetti.

Anyway, now the twenty something year old Son runs the business by sending out a single email announcing limited order capacity on xyz date.

Put in your order and they’ll send you an appt time. If you don’t show up they give you 10 mins then it’s first come first serve.

And they always sell out.  

And they’re making more money with no expense operating costs with the lease and all of that.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know needs help with writing emails that will get opened, get read, and get customers hungry to buy, and just might save your business from Bankruptcy even!

Then chomp on this delicious offer to have me help me You do an evaluation of your current business to see if you are a candidate to build a list, or have me build and email your list for amazing profits!

Or if you already have a list then I can offer you my spaghetti series of hand crafted conversion lifting tangy meat sauce emails that guarantee sales.

Now you see, that wasn’t so bad now was it? The great spaghetti disaster that turned in to a debacle amazed everyone by becoming the BEST DAMN THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THAT BUSINESS.

But here’s the problem. Why wait until you are going out of business to build an email list because when these things happen like BK or going out of business, it’s like a train wreck and happens fast.

Why wait and suffer in agony, when I can build your list fast! Wanna know how.  Because the one secret to building a smoking hot email list fast for your business. In record time.

Let’s try something fun today. The first person or two that paypals me $100, will get 30 minute of my humongous brain, to analzye deeply your marketing conundrums and business calamities.

Then I will give you my advice worth 10X or even 100X more than the $100 you paypal me today.

Kind regards,

Clint Smith

P.S. I saw a hummingbird just like this in my yard yesterday. The hummingbird is smart too, cuz it knows to be prepared and it dipped into my water stream as I watered the lawn getting full while the opportunity was there, because right after I turned off the water it got hot and dry again, and everything was thirsty.  Don’t be left out in the drought without water, get your fill here now…..before I’m too busy. See my evenings opened this week and I have a tiny fraction of free time to spare. I command much higher rates than this, so it’s not about the money but the commitment. Prove you’re serious and I’ll help you tremendously.


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