the gary halbert letter

盖瑞·亥尔波特(Gary C.Halbert)——直复式营销之神,文案撰稿大师盖瑞·亥尔波特(Gary C.Halbert)是美国直复式营销的奠基人,文案撰稿大师。盖瑞·亥尔波特的邮件式销售,同时也开创了中小企业和个人企业的营销之路。从此以后,中小企业即使没有品牌,没有资金,没有雄厚的运营实力,也依然可以凭借着自己撰写的销售信,成功完成产品销售。盖瑞·亥尔波特曾经写过一封“世界上最赚钱的营销信”,这封信仅仅350个字,却让他赚了收回了1.78亿美金,Gary Halbert从中赚了589万美金。后来他把这封信的所有权卖给了Ancestry Search公司,作价7千万美金。 Gary C. Halbert, the god of straight-up marketing, the copywriter Gary J. Gary C. Halbert is the founder of direct marketing in the United States and a master of copywriting. Gary Helport’s mail-style sales also opened up the marketing path for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses. From then on, small and medium-sized enterprises even if there is no brand, no funds, no strong operational strength, but also can rely on their own writing sales letter, successfully complete the sale of products. Gary Helport once wrote “the world’s most profitable marketing letter”, which wasonly 350 words long, and made him $178 million,from which GaryHalbert made $5.89 million. He later sold ownership of the letter to Ancestry Search for $70 million.

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