7 Dimensions of an Irresistible Offer [from Eugene Schwartz, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy]

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What does it take to create an irresistible offer?
… An offer that brings in the maximum amount of leads, customers, sales, and profits?
There are actually 7 dimensions…
And for today’s issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, I wanted to share those. Including sharing specific contributions around those 7 dimensions from Eugene Schwartz, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy.
I’ve been jamming on videos recently — so I decided to do this via video.
You’ll really want to watch. Because within the seven dimensions, you’ll discover…
— Two critical dimensions that often aren’t thought about in reference to “offers” at all… But that form the bedrock foundation of your offer’s success…
— Three dimensions that (when combined) create real, tangible, rock-solid urgency to get stuck fence-sitters to respond NOW…
— And two obvious but often under-leveraged elements of your offer presentation — that could double your sales if done right…
Grab a pen and paper kids, and be ready to take notes!
Watch today’s video now…
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

Business Networking Tips with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish – Episode #22


In this episode of 10X Talk Dan and Joe discuss “10X Networking”. Here’s just some of the clarity and capabilities you’ll develop from listening to this episode:
*Why 10x personal growth and 10x organizational growth is a more reasonable result today than ever before
*Dan shares what he thinks of Joe’s Unique Genius Networking Ability and how Genius Network® can be a 10x multiplier for you and your business
*The key qualities you want to develop, and look for in others, as you develop and grow your network and connections
*How to discover your Unique Ability and surround yourself with a network of other people who enhance your Unique Ability
*The school Dan attended to learn how to be a connector and how this skill can advance your income, improve your life, free up your time, and give yourself an unfair advantage
*The most valuable Relationship Asset that gives you the solution to any problem and gives you access to any opportunity you could ever need or want