Jay Abraham on Gaining TRUST, RELEVANCY and RESPECT | #TomFerryShow

Jay Abraham needs no introduction. Known as one of the top executive business coaches in the US Jay has worked as a marketing and sales consultant in 500 different industries contributing to $23 billion in product and services sold. Bottom line, he gets it. I mean, he REALLY understands the art of business and selling.

I had the privilege of getting Jay on this week’s episode of the #TomFerryShow to pick his brain about his lifetime work around The Strategy of Preeminence, a strategic philosophy that has transformed people’s lives and propelled their business success. I myself adopted these same fundamentals when I first created my business plan and it has honestly been the most poignant pillar of my own life’s work.

Watch this week’s episode (above) to get Jay’s proven wisdom knowing you are learning from the best! And I challenge you to adapt some of the pointers Jay reveals in this exclusive interview into your own life and business and let me know the immediate changes you notice.


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Jay Abraham on Standing Out from the Competition | Podcast Ep. #1

Whether you realize it or not, Jay Abraham has likely played a role in your buying habits at some point in your life. He’s a master marketer who has consulted for more than 500 different industries, and his esteemed client list includes everybody from IBM to HBO, Tony Robbins to Taco Bell. Jay excels at helping companies and individuals separate themselves from the competition, which is an organic offshoot from his overarching philosophy he calls “The Strategy of Preeminence.”

In this debut episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Jay joins me to dive into The Strategy of Preeminence to help you gain trust, respect and relevancy in your marketplace. If you’ve ever wondered how you can make yourself stand out and get a better return on the marketing you’re already doing, definitely make it a point to join our conversation.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/2S7OczF



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TOMSVLOG #011 | Tom Gets a Power Packed Coaching Session From Jay Abraham

The teacher becomes the student in this episode of #TOMSVLOG in Torrance, California where I join the legend Jay Abraham for a few hours of exquisite coaching. I first connected with Jay in 1991, and from the moment I saw the way he spoke and delivered his wisdom, I knew I had to somehow make him my coach. Since then, Jay has had a very specific and measurable impact on my life and career for a few decades, helping me to think differently and strategically outside the norms of real estate marketing; Jay really is the real deal!

Growth is not about doing the same thing the same way, day in and day out. Having Jay as a coach has helped me challenge myself in a very necessary way, to maintain the dominance and force that my business holds in the marketplace.

Jay said something amazing to me as I left his place that day. He said, “Your business starts helpless but you don’t want it to finish helpless.” I challenge you to think about that! What exactly do you need to be focusing on in the new year to get you to that next level?

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Effective Copywriting Tips For Real Estate From World Renowned Copywriter Ben Settle

The message you deliver in your marketing can make or break how well it works. Your direct mail, website, ads, you name it… copywriting is THE single most valuable skill you can learn to make your marketing more effective.

So Trevor invited on his good friend and world-renowned copywriter Ben Settle (the king of email copywriting) to talk about how you can connect with your audience better in real estate and boost your marketing with better copy.


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