80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall REVIEW | 20 BOOKS FOR 2020

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Elevens for Dan Kennedy

Elevens for Dan Kennedy was composed in the summer of 2019 to honor Dan Kennedy upon his retirement from California State University, Sacramento. This video is excerpts from Dan’s retirement concert on October 6, 2019.

From the program note:
The title is inspired by Lou Harrison, a composer Dan exposed me to as an undergraduate percussion student at Sac State. In addition to being an incredible composer, Harrison was also an inspiring writer. He often wrote poetry dedicated to his friends, in which he set the lines of poetry in rhythm (number of syllables of each line) taken from the dedicatee’s name. Dan + Kennedy = 11 characters (including the space between) so I have written Elevens in a meter of 11/8. Dan also exposed me to the world of hand drumming and the music of John Bergamo, both of which inspire this piece in its format and instrumentation. Joining me on the premiere of Elevens are two incredible percussionists – Tomm Roland and Bryan Jeffs. Tomm and I attended Sac State together, and were both among Dan’s first class of students in 1993. We remain very close friends to this day. Bryan was my student at Southern Oregon University, and then attended Sac State for his Master’s degree under Dan, and now works with me at SOU. I am honored to share the stage with them today and to dedicate this piece to Dan. Dan – I know I speak for us all when I say I would not be the musician I am, nor have achieved the level of success I have without your teaching and inspiration. I cannot thank you enough, and I wish you the absolute best in your retirement! — Terry Longshore

Build Wealth & Keep It – Like the Rockefellers / Garrett Gunderson

Today, Garrett is going to paint a picture of what your future could look like with the use of his Never Fail You Strategy, the Rockefeller method. He is also going to give you three key that you can do to follow what the Rockefeller’s did!

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Garrett is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling personal finance book Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity.

He is the Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of the Inc. 500 firm, Wealth Factory. A regular on ABC’s Good Money, he has been on Fox, CNBC, as well as hundreds of radio interviews, and is a contributor for Forbes. Garrett is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences. He lives in Salt Lake City.

Garrett has also been interviewed by some of the greats in the personal development space like Hal Elrod, Robert Kiyosaki, Ryan Moran at the Capitalism Conference, Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach, the Mindvally Podcast, Project Life Mastery with Stefan James, Joe Polish of Genius Network, Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, The Science of Flipping with Justin Colby, The How of Business, and many more!

If you want to build sustainable wealth, increase your monthly cash flow and enjoy economic independence without using budgets, cutbacks, limiting your lifestyle or adding new customers to your business, then Garrett & the Wealth Factory team can help provide the tools and training you need to build the life you love.

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Interested in going deeper?

Killing Sacred Cows – https://amzn.to/2lMbX1i
What Would the Rockefeller’s Do – https://wealthfactory.com/rockefeller-book/letter/

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This video is about Build Wealth & Keep It – Like the Rockefellers / Garrett Gunderson

Jay Abraham and Business Audience Part 2 Questions

Jay Abraham – http://www.Abraham.com Jay Abraham addressed the Business Mastery Summit and was asked to field questions from the audience. In this segment you’ll hear from: a) A female business owner who wants to generate more referrals b) An Entrepreneur who wants to get all of his team on board with moving forward. c) A Health Care executive seeks advice on selling though Joint Ventures.

Il n’y a pas de relation entre être bon et être payé! – Joe Polish

Clique-ici pour découvrir les 10 règles d’or de Joe Polish.

Règles d’Or:
1. Maîtriser le marketing
2. Fournir de la valeur
3. Réussite de l’étude
4. Construire un rapport
5. Mettez-vous dehors
6. Apprenez à vendre
7. Définir le succès pour vous-même
8. Respecter la vie
9. Obtenez de l’argent
10. Amusez-vous

Qui est-ce ?

Joe Polish était un homme qui était devenu toxicomane à l’âge de la fin de l’adolescence et qui était fauché pour créer une entreprise de nettoyage de tapis d’un million de dollars!

https://youtu.be/9UgTjwyzOCQ Lewis Howes
https://youtu.be/otZabsXTz-g Le réseau Genius® de Joe Polish et Piranha Marketing, Inc.
https://youtu.be/b6ILO9H_x6g Le réseau Genius® de Joe Polish et Piranha Marketing, Inc.
https://youtu.be/2fTOCLoO2js Le réseau Genius® de Joe Polish et Piranha Marketing, Inc.
https://youtu.be/yDGu8k0XyHk Spartan Up
https://youtu.be/X-rEsWvIi7s Le réseau Genius® de Joe Polish et Piranha Marketing, Inc.
https://youtu.be/HRY_SXiaEDk Genius Network® de Joe Polish et Piranha Marketing, Inc.

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Book Review of No BS Wealth Attraction by Dan Kennedy

I love Dan Kennedy’s outspoken way of delivering information. I grew up working class and had a lot of issues standing in my way of becoming rich – mostly issues in my own mind. Dan will show you how to make those subtle and not so subtle shifts in the way you think so that your goals will be easier to achieve. Highly recommended.

Customer Acquisition for Small Biz by Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, and Roy Furr [Video]

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When you have a small business or startup, one of your biggest challenges to overcome is how to acquire customers at a profit.
Which is exactly the reader question I got — and answered in today’s video issue…

My biggest challenge today is how to deal with customer acquisition costs in a small business or startup?

I pulled insights from Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, and myself — PLUS threw in a little Gary Halbert and Claude Hopkins for good measure!
The fundamental takeaway?
Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

Then Jay Abraham Launched My New Marketing Career | 3 Ways To Grow A Business

It was February 2000. A new century. I felt like I had my worst year.

And my business future looked bleak.

I had been crazy happy. My wife and I bought a house we loved. We just had our baby daughter the month before.

It should have been the best ever. But my business died.

This book came out and I read it 3 times. I desperately needed to get everything I could out of everything I had.

Jay Abraham did a free teleseminar (before the days of webinars you had to call a phone number). At the end Jay opened up the seminar for questions and I was one of the people allowed to ask a question.

I can’t remember exactly what I asked, but I told him my situation and that I needed to know how to get started.

Jay said something amazing — I wish I could remember what it was, and I immediately believed I could be a marketing consultant. And I went full out and became an expert in less than 90 days. Watch this video if you need level up your expertise quickly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytPfIeJr3Ec

Back to his book. Right inside on page 5 was three simple rules for growing a business.

I took them as gospel. I focused on getting more clients. I focused on getting each new client to pay more than the last one. I went back to everyone I did work for and asked them to buy again.

Then I used those rules to grow my clients’ businesses.

I used these questions to build businesses:
1) Will this marketing get more customers?
2) Will this marketing increase the transaction value?
3) Will this marketing get customers to buy again?

I built my early career around a couple pages from a book. Those pages have made me and my clients millions of dollars over the years. Because of that, Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got by Jay Abraham has been my number one recommended and gifted book for 20 years.

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80/20 Sales & Marketing by Perry Marshall [One Big Idea]

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What’s the smallest bit of marketing strategy that makes this biggest amount of contribution to your results?
That’s the One Big Idea I share in today’s video, about Perry Marshall’s book, 80/20 Sales and Marketing.
NOTE: That’s an affiliate link direct to Perry’s site, where he has an exclusive offer for you to get the book for ONE CENT plus shipping and handling. Plus he includes a bunch of exclusive bonuses. Yeah, I get paid if you buy it, but I’m recommending the book because I continue to find it useful years after buying it, and in fact only made the video about it today because it was already on my desk, being referenced for the One Big Idea.
Oh yeah, and I have a PERSONAL story about Perry at the end of the video.
Enjoy today’s video.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr
PS: The book is also available through Amazon and Audible if you’d prefer, including with an Audible free trial.