An Approach to the COVID-19 & Economic Crisis with Jay Abraham and Linda Kreitzman

Jay Abraham and Linda Kreitzman discuss the current situation of COVID-19 & the potential Economic Crisis on today’s episode of the Leverage Podcast.

Jay Abraham, who has been on the podcast many times, is an icon in the marketing and business strategy space. Jay is a brilliant thinker and sees things that most don’t see. In this conversation, we find out what he’s seeing and what other people aren’t seeing in this current situation.

Linda Kreitzman is the Assistant Dean of Berkeley’s Business School. She is the Programme Director & Executive Director of the Masters in the Financial Engineering Programme. Linda has a PhD in Economics, in this conversation we hear Linda’s perspective on what’s happening and the impact it will have.


From the debut cd ‘Like It Is’


Excellent singer-songwriter. Track taken from his current album ‘Heaven and Earth’.

EP 2 Nick Loise & Doberman Dan

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