Perry Marshall – The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising: Why You Really Want Facebook Fans

The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising: Author Perry Marshall goes over numerous tips and tricks on effective ways to advertise on Facebook. In this segment, Perry talks about Why You Really Want Facebook Fans.

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Driving With Dan Kennedy Documentary with Mike Koenigs

My team and I produced this documentary with Dan Kennedy in 2012. You’ll have a chance to meet Dan much more intimately than he normally would allow. You have a chance to visit his home, meet his horses, drive in his Rolls Royce, enjoy his massive swipe file library and look at his collection of strange gadgets and memorabilia.

I “met” Dan in the mid-1990s. It was because of him that I started making information products, learned copywriting and decided to pursue the crazy world of marketing which led to “The Internet Infomercial Toolkit”, “Everything Should Know About Publishing, Promotion and Building a Platform” with Arielle Ford, Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer, Main Street Marketing Machines, Social Media Marketing Machines, Make Market Launch IT with Pam Pamela Hendrickson, Top Gun Consulting Toolkit with Ed Rush, Publish and Profit, Speak and Profit, Create and Profit, Consult and Profit and over 100 other programs, podcasts, shows, and events.

I’m going to miss Dan’s genius and unique personality.

Enjoy the video.

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Episode #14: Joe Polish


This interview is with Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of GeniusX Joe Polish, who is known for his ongoing podcast “I Love Marketing” and TedX talks. Listen as they talk getting away from rock-bottom, running a high-level marketing company and more on how he went from a broke carpet cleaner to one of the most connected businessmen on the planet.

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RIP Dan Kennedy

Rest In Peace Dan Kennedy. You made this world a much better place. I’m lucky to have learned from you.

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Dan Kennedy Life Changer

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– Brian shares the impact of Dan’s works on his life.

– Thank You For Everything Dan!

Ben Settle | How to get engagement

Ben Settle | How to get engagement

I just uploaded a new podcast about flakebook proles, and the unsecksy ways to get all the “engagement” you want on social media without being self loathing or using boring question cheat sheets.

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Ben Settle

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