An Approach to the COVID-19 & Economic Crisis with Jay Abraham and Linda Kreitzman

Jay Abraham and Linda Kreitzman discuss the current situation of COVID-19 & the potential Economic Crisis on today’s episode of the Leverage Podcast.

Jay Abraham, who has been on the podcast many times, is an icon in the marketing and business strategy space. Jay is a brilliant thinker and sees things that most don’t see. In this conversation, we find out what he’s seeing and what other people aren’t seeing in this current situation.

Linda Kreitzman is the Assistant Dean of Berkeley’s Business School. She is the Programme Director & Executive Director of the Masters in the Financial Engineering Programme. Linda has a PhD in Economics, in this conversation we hear Linda’s perspective on what’s happening and the impact it will have.

NorthStar Moving – Video Testimonial – Jay Abraham – 07.17.2012

Jay Abraham moved his California offices with NorthStar Moving. Jay Abraham is known for teaching people how to operate their businesses with the best respectful conduct for their clientele. We are so proud and excited that Jay Abraham chose our moving company for his office move.

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Consiguiendo todo lo que pueda, fuera de lo que ya consiguió. Jay Abraham. Getting Everything.

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Revela los secretos que Jay Abraham ha desarrollado para crear el éxito y la riqueza para sí y para sus clientes de alto perfil. A través de ejemplos claros de su propia experiencia, Abraham explica lo fácil que es encontrar nuevas oportunidades para la creación de riqueza en cualquier negocio.

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Jay Abraham Live in Tokyo 2008……
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Jay Abraham VIP Session

Discover the secrets behind becoming a master problem solver like Jay Abraham and leveraging the invisible resources that are all around you. Jay Abraham joins Mike Agugliaro in a special VIP session to reveal the keys to multiplying your business, generating wealth that lasts, and how to make a real change in the world around you.

Key Lessons Learned:

Solving Problems Like Jay Abraham

Your revenue system has around 50 impact points that could probably be made 10%-20% more effective, the cumulative effect could lead to many hundreds of percent increase in your profit.
If you are going to run a business, you have to decide ahead of time what that means.
Most people are decently paid employees of a job they happen to own but that leaves them without an asset. You want to have an enterprise that will work harder for you than you do for it.
You have to control your situation or your situation controls you. For a business to work for you it needs a few components. It needs sustainable marketing that creates different factors: continually predictable and profitable income, a system that creates sustainable future income, the ability to identify opportunistic income, and the pride of knowing that you are helping people improve their lives.
Most people are not trained in marketing and how to make sure the offer is focused on the optimal benefit to the consumer.
Most spend money on advertising that isn’t forged to understand the psychology or needs of the market.
You have to go many stages to go from protective curiosity to open checkbook with that kind of traffic.
Referral business will pay more, pay on time, and often refer others, and they do it for free.
There are nine drivers of business that produce exponential results.
If you change your marketing, your strategy, or your ideology, you will change your result.
Wherever there is variation instead of a system, you will have slippage.
Your business should access the market from as many vantage points as possible.
The military has a concept called a force multiplier, where each element has a compounding effect on the others.
What is it in your business or personal life that you know you need to fix, but haven’t?
Your issue has to be powerful enough to make people take action to solve their pain.
Business is really simple, it’s about providing greater advantage, value, or contribution to the market than your competitor and taking as much risk out of the transaction as possible.
There are three categories of clients that you serve, the first category are those who pay you, the second are the people you pay, and the third are the vendors you work with.
You don’t have to master particular marketing strategies, but you have to at least make sure you aren’t illiterate in them.
It’s very rare that your first attempt at a marketing piece will be the best one that your market will respond to. You have to create variations and test to see what works. One tiny change could mean the difference of 2-4x times the results.
If you have a business that is underperforming, the first thing you have to do is know that it’s underperforming and you can’t know that unless you know how much more is possible.
You can’t optimize without some knowledge of the options and opportunities that are available. 90% of entrepreneurs only utilize 20% of the realistic capability of what their team is possible of, because they don’t train them to reach their highest level.
Higher the best and cry only once, pay them what they are worth. Because if you hire the worst you are going to cry every time.
If you can’t afford to hire the best find the most trainable and invest in them, then pay them what they are worth as they develop. Don’t exploit them.
Be on a mission, create a movement, and live both of them.

Wealth Strategies

You can’t make the world better unless you have enough resources.
Greatness is a function of more than being a good entrepreneur, or father, or spouse, or leader. You have to be a good contributor to your environment and making the world better than when you arrived.
The smartest wealth builders move slow so they can go faster when things are in place. One such strategy is to take what you’ve done, codify it, and find another business you can apply the same principles to.
Look at things that occur before, during, and after your customers use your services and either own or start those because they are already highly aligned.
Your role is to be the strategist and set the stage for your business using foresight, insight, and hindsight. If you’re trying to build wealth, aiming for the 10x moonshot is not what Jay recommends. You need to look at options that are sustainable, semi or pure passive income with appreciation that you can’t screw up.
Giving yourself flexibility and options is only possible if you have vehicles that work for you.

The Meta Secret – Jay Abraham……
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Jay Abraham – MSS Epidemic Video

Ultimate Business Seminar Speaker Jay Abraham the discusses MSS Epidemic

Mr Pham interview Jay Abraham (Phạm Tuấn Sơn phỏng vấn Jay Abraham) | Babylons Group

Mr Pham interview Jay Abraham (Phạm Tuấn Sơn phỏng vấn Jay Abraham) | Babylons Group
Video độc quyền phỏng vấn Jay Abraham , nhà chiến lược doanh nghiệp số 1 thế giới đã xong. Đoạn video dài hơn 20 phút với nội dung :

Làm thế nào để tăng trưởng lợi nhuận 300%, 500% hay 1000% ?

+ Cách thức nào để bắt đầu công việc kinh doanh hiệu quả nhất ?

+ 6 chiến lược gia tăng lợi nhuận theo cấp số Nhân. 3 phương pháp kinh điển và 3 phương pháp khác biệt ( Chưa từng viết trong Sách )

+ Cách thức để đưa doanh nghiệp từ 5 triệu đô lên tới 100 triệu USD hay 1 tỷ USD .

Video đã làm xong phần phụ đề. Trong vòng 48h tính từ thời điểm đăng video này comment email và thank you ở dưới Babylons sẽ gửi cho các bạn. Những bạn nào không kịp thì hẹn lần sau nhé .

Chúc các bạn một ngày đầy năng lượng.

The Abraham Mind Shift Challenge by Jay Abraham Study Notes

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Jay Abraham at London Business Revolution 2015 (Part Three)

Jay Abraham Live In Sydney via HOLOGRAM

Jay Abraham’s Strategy Of Preeminence

Jay Abraham’s Strategy Of Preeminence

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