Andrew Cass – Dan Kennedy Success Story Glazer-Kennedy Member and Independent Business Advisor, Andrew Cass, shares his story of business and personal transformation

7 Dimensions of an Irresistible Offer [from Eugene Schwartz, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy]

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What does it take to create an irresistible offer?
… An offer that brings in the maximum amount of leads, customers, sales, and profits?
There are actually 7 dimensions…
And for today’s issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, I wanted to share those. Including sharing specific contributions around those 7 dimensions from Eugene Schwartz, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy.
I’ve been jamming on videos recently — so I decided to do this via video.
You’ll really want to watch. Because within the seven dimensions, you’ll discover…
— Two critical dimensions that often aren’t thought about in reference to “offers” at all… But that form the bedrock foundation of your offer’s success…
— Three dimensions that (when combined) create real, tangible, rock-solid urgency to get stuck fence-sitters to respond NOW…
— And two obvious but often under-leveraged elements of your offer presentation — that could double your sales if done right…
Grab a pen and paper kids, and be ready to take notes!
Watch today’s video now…
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

What Dan Kennedy Did To Destroy His Competition Before They Even Start

See if you could notice what the golden nugget in this video is. Dan Kennedy was amazing at destroying his competition, which is why he’s the highest paid copywriter.

Lemme know in the comments below if this helps you. 💪

Customer Acquisition for Small Biz by Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, and Roy Furr [Video]

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When you have a small business or startup, one of your biggest challenges to overcome is how to acquire customers at a profit.
Which is exactly the reader question I got — and answered in today’s video issue…

My biggest challenge today is how to deal with customer acquisition costs in a small business or startup?

I pulled insights from Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, and myself — PLUS threw in a little Gary Halbert and Claude Hopkins for good measure!
The fundamental takeaway?
Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

Jon Benson Perry Marshall John Carlton and “Mr. X” Hangout invite (With Darwin The Monkey) ← Get The 3X Sellerator (Discount!) ← Get Jon’s 10-Video Training (Free!)

Jon Benson

No B.S. Wealth Attraction by Dan Kennedy [One Big Idea]

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Do your beliefs and behaviors attract wealth?
Dan Kennedy’s book, No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy, is built around a core idea in a Napoleon Hill quote…
“Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means with which no man is familiar, these ‘magnets’ attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”
That’s the foundation of the One Big Idea in the book — that you can apply immediately.
There are 28 specific “Wealth Magnets” that will make you more attractive to wealth. Most wealthy people use these in their daily life. Most people who are not wealthy have not yet figured out how to use them.
I share a few examples in the video — with my experience. And of course, there’s more in the book.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

James Schramko talks about Joe Polish

James Schramko gives Joe Polish a testimonial at John Carlton’s Simple Writing event where both Joe and James were speaking

Push Button Influence Episode 7 with Perry Marshall and Hosts Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher

Perry Marshall is an American online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and author of several books, most notably the bestsellers Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Join Push Button Influence hosts Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher as Perry shares how to:

– Access 100 million people in 10 minutes

– Work less and make more with 80/20 sales and marketing strategies

– Leverage the power of Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

– Transform your paradigm and approach to doing business

– And much more

For more information about the show, please visit

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Perry Marshall: How 80/20 Thinking Applies To Absolutely Everything In Life

Get shownotes, bonus downloads, and more here:

After years annoying people on the phone Perry Marshall realized that cold calling was a modern version of slaves building the pyramid. That’s when he decided to dive into the fledgling world of online marketing and ended up defining its future.

“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is — unforgivable,” says Dan Kennedy and he’s right. Perry’s books have laid the foundations for what is now the Pay Per Click industry, and techniques he pioneered are now standard best practices for every business. He has been endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine and is one of the most expensive business consultants in the world.

Gear up for the latest wisdom from a living legend as Perry shares about the deep fractal insights of the 80/20 mindset, finding a path to utilize your strengths, and the 8 axis test that shows the best way to sell. After the episode, get more advice about finding your success from Brad Spencer and Marx Acosta-Rubio .

“There’s innumerable ways that people get themselves into situations where their strength actually is a weakness.”-Perry Marshall

Some Topics We Discussed Include: How to really connect with a cold audience
Sales letter wisdom that works for landing pages too
Getting on the path to claiming your greatest strength
The 8 axis test that shows how people sell
Copywriter vs Hostage Negotiator: Which one are you?
One thing all successful products have in common
Tips to cut the distance between desire and fulfillment
A formula for disrupting the marketplace (it isn’t about being an anarchist!)
The 1 or 2 points that can shift people’s thinking
Industries that are about to be completely automated
Why 80/20 is fractal and how that applies to business decisions (and to life)
How to harness the 20% of your 80/20

Contact Perry Marshall: The Truth Seminar
80/20 Sales and Marketing – Get the book for free!
Connect on Instagram
And on Twitter

References and Links Mentioned: Free Evergreen Traffic Playbook
The Perpetual Audience Growth Course – Learn how to drive consistent, high-quality traffic day in and day out
GenM (Sponsor) – Find marketing apprentices for $50/mo
Swift Financial
The Book of Proverbs
Brad Spencer : How To Find And Focus Solely On The Things That Suit You Best
Marx Acosta-Rubio : Why Some People Are Successful And Others Aren’t

Doberman Dan: How To Create And Sell A Physical Print Newsletter

Get shownotes, bonus downloads, and more here:

As a full-time police officer and part-time serial entrepreneur, Doberman Dan spent almost a decade trying to start a successful business. Then he started a direct mail fitness newsletter and finally started making money. Just a year later he quit the police force.

Dan likes to call himself a “kitchen table” entrepreneur, having written hundreds of successful sales letters, direct mail packages, feature articles, and newsletters while kicking back in his home. He’s seen too many businesses make common mistakes rather than change their approach to marketing. And he wants to save them so they can start making maximum money in minimum time.

Not every part of your business should be online. Listen in as Dan shows Matt and Joe how he uses his newsletter to leverage every part of his business, his system to easily keep your letters high-quality, and tactics to quickly grow subscriptions. After the episode, go check out our conversations with Adil Amarsi and Craig Simpson for more copywriting insights.

“You know, sometimes you produce your best stuff when you’re under the gun and you don’t have the option to goof off.“-Doberman Dan

Some Topics We Discussed Include: The psychological benefits of a public alter-ego
A system to keep your newsletter consistently awesome
Rules for finding the right page count for your letter
Why over delivering can kill your subscriptions
How to tell when you’re writing at your best
The content your most knowledgeable customers want to read
A system to keep your ideas in order
How to target an audience using your superpower
Newsletter tactics to increase your stick rate
The simplest, low-cost system to mail a printed newsletter
What to do with an email list that isn’t converting
A targeted way to use a newsletter to quickly grow a business
Why direct mail is an effective way to start a business (now more than ever!)

Contact Doberman Dan:
Off The Chain Podcast

References and Links Mentioned: Hustle & Flowshorts – Our new daily podcast!
GenM (Sponsor) – Find marketing apprentices for $50/mo
Free Evergreen Traffic Playbook
The Perpetual Audience Growth Course – Learn how to drive consistent, high-quality traffic day in and day out
The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Adil Amarsi : Tactics And Formulas To Write Amazing Sales Copy
Craig Simpson : The Direct Mail Marketing Masterclass

Paul Feldman – Dan Kennedy Success Story Glazer-Kennedy Member, Paul Feldman, shares his Glazer-Kennedy Success Story and How Dan Kennedy and Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle has helped him to create the successful lifestyle he lives today.

Brian Kurtz – Now This Is How You Overdeliver

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Brian Kurtz is a very generous man who over-delivers with everything. He’s got a great history in the marketing world and is the founder of Titan Marketing . Listen in as we discuss the brilliant tactics that turned Boardroom into a $150+ million dollar company. Plus, we talk about Brian’s recent book, Overdeliver that just came out which is a must-have. 

Brian has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest marketers that have ever lived and we go deep down the rabbit hole with tactics and marketing strategies that he has used over the years, in a variety of mediums.

In this episode, Brian talks about his history working alongside many well-known marketing geniuses and how he combined his knowledge of both offline and online marketing to reach a wide audience and a responsive list with great open rates. When you are done, be sure to tune into our other episodes we mentioned with Doberman Dan and with Ben Settle as they discuss the benefits of offline marketing and over-delivering to your market. 

“It’s been a great ride and it’s not magic if you work for 40 years and pay attention and always give 100%, always make sure I contribute to someone first before I ask them for anything. That kind of philosophy has helped me get the best speakers for my mastermind.” – Brian Kurtz

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

How to make sure you are always remembered
What a fishing pole & rowboat have to do with your list
What makes a great copywriter
What makes a world-class creative
The beauty behind a paid newsletter model
The one medium that is preferable above the rest and why
How to make a memorable impression to the VIP’s on your list
How Brian was able to increase his business over tenfold
Some of the lessons he learned from things that didn’t go as planned
And much, much more!

Contact Brian Kurtz:

Breakthrough Advertising
The Brilliance Breakthrough Book
The Legends Book

References and Links Mentioned:

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The Lead Magnet With Frank Kern: A Tribute to Dan Kennedy

Tune into today’s episode of The Lead Market to join Frank Kern as he pays a tribute to legendary marketer, Dan Kennedy. Here Frank attempts to condense 18 years worth of study into his top 10 take aways. Perhaps you too will be able to take away a lesson or two.

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