Delivering Value with Guest Joe Polish: Making Bank S2E30

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=== SUMMARY ===

One of the biggest mistakes any entrepreneur can make is undervaluing and underinvesting in marketing.

Without marketing, you can’t communicate the worth of your product or service to the world at large, and if you can’t communicate the worth, how can you expect the world to pay you for whatever it is you’re peddling?

Now, this isn’t to say marketing isn’t without its faults. There are countless ways to waste your precious start-up dollars marketing yourself and your business.

However, if you take a strategic and thoughtful approach to marketing—if you teach your consumers how to make a buying decision in your industry, and dedicate your marketing to building trust and rapport with the customer above all else—then you can 5x or even 10x your business in a matter of months.

These are just a few ideas shared by the immortal Joe Polish, one of the world’s most highly regarded marketers, an undisputed networking genius, and a long-awaited guest on Making Bank.

Joe is the President of Piranha Marketing Inc., and perhaps more importantly, he is the founder of Genius Network® (aka The $25K Group), the co-founder of and (two highly popular podcasts on iTunes), and the founder for the $100k Group.

Get ready to hear Joe discuss his obsession with value creation—from direct marketing to simple book recommendations—as well as…

• The critical importance of a sales letter to securing funds for your business
• What it takes to overcome addition and abuse
• The danger of technology and its incessant tracking capabilities
• Why you need to come from a place of generosity and service to succeed in business
• His passion project, Artists for Addicts

And more…

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=== ABOUT Josh Felber ===

As a Business Coach and Start-Up Advisor, I help business owners, entrepreneurs, & millennials understand where you can grow your business with fast proven results to obtain wealth and find freedom.

A serial entrepreneur with 28+ years of starting and growing multiple multi-million dollar companies (including one with $5 Billion annual revenues), I’ve been:
• 2x Best-Selling Author as a co-author with Steve Forbes & Brian Tracy
• Voted the Best Personal Finance Expert in 2014 (National GOBankingRates competition)
• A contributor to articles on,, &
• Recognized multiple times in the National Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs
• Expert guest on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX
• Keynote Speaker
• Host of Making Bank TV Show

I’ve helped my clients achieve:
• Business growth from 6 to 7 figures & doubled revenues in as short as 6 months
Sales growth in 25% within 3 months using online and digital marketing
• Go from 0 to $30 Million company valuation in 9 years

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