Moonshots and Multipliers: I Love Marketing Meetup Special – Part 1

Moonshots and Multipliers: I Love Marketing Meetup Special – Part 1. To learn more about Genius Network┬« click here:

At a recent I Love Marketing Meetup in Tempe, Arizona, a group of Genius Network Members shared their Moonshots and Multipliers. Included in the mix is transforming the American healthcare industry, sports, addiction recovery and more.

*Genius Network founder Joe Polish: His biggest, most important moonshot and his greatest multiplier
*Genius Network member Joel Weldon: How his life improved because of Genius Network and meeting Joe
*Genius Network member Chris Smith: One simple change that made his services much more valuable
*Genius Network member Jim Dew: The key to having more success in your business (Plus: The best business decision he ever made)
*Genius Network member Nick Janicki: How he free up his time and brings more relaxation to peoples lives
*Genius Network member Kevin Donahue: His vision to transform sports and impact the world
*Genius Network member David Berg: Why healthcare doesn’t work and what he’s doing to alter American healthcare
*Genius Network member Kevin Kauffman: Changing the way the world views real estate agents
*Genius Network member John Levin: Protecting families and transforming communities with life insurance


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