How to Function With ADHD – The Entrepreneurial Mind – Ned Hallowell

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In this video Ned discusses the mind of the entrepreneur. What you should love and what you should watch out for and how be more effective. How to get a better understanding of the mind.

Ned Hallowell is a Harvard trained psychiatrist, New York Times best selling author, considered the world’s leading authority on ADD and ADHD.


8:12 The arc of the entrepreneur
9:51 The avid and faithful pursuit
11:53 Entrepreneurs don’t give up
12:46 Intervention – getting past that stuck place
14:36 Traits vs. Disabilities
15:36 The 5 pitfalls to avoid
16:47 Dealing with negativity and worry
18:30 The two key variables in toxic worry
19:38 The modern paradox – disconnect
20:51 Victim of enthusiasm
21:43 Diagnosis and treatment of adult ADD
23:30 Don’t let wealth change your heart
25:55 The itch – need to change inner state
31:44 The importance of love


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