Joe Polish thanks Piranha Clients who attended Nashville seminar

This week Piranha hosted a restoration symposium in Nashville, TN. We received lots of great letters from the attendees on how much fun and value they received from attending. Joe reads one of the emails in the video… there are dozens more… DO NOT MISS THE RICH CLEANER CONFERENCE! It’s September 23th – 26th in Phoenix, AZ : )

Porque Razão Você Deve Aprender Copywriting com: Doberman Dan

Sejamos honestos:

Fazer com que alguém interrompa o seu dia-a-dia…

Tome atenção à mensagem que estamos a querer transmitir…

Mantenha essa mesma atenção até ao final da mensagem…

Ganhe confiança em nós e na nossa empresa…

Acredite que aquilo que prometemos é realmente verdadeiro…

E tome a decisão de comprar o seu produto ou serviço com o dinheiro que tanto lhe custou a ganhar durante o mês…

É uma tarefa hérculea e altamente subvalorizada pela maioria dos empreendedores.

Ora, é aqui que entra o poder do copywriting.

Trata-se de uma skill crucial, que é possível aprender através da prática, persistência, e repetição.

Mas acredite: se dominar a arte do copywriting, poderá implementar esses conhecimentos em qualquer negócio que criar…

E garantir que cada um desses negócios irá prosperar.

Como convidado para o episódio 38 d’O Podcast do Tiago Faria, quem melhor para falar sobre copywriting do que o senhor Doberman Dan?

O Dan é um “direct response marketer” e um dos mais respeitados copywriters dos Estados Unidos…

Tendo tido como mentor, um dos melhores copywriters de sempre: o Senhor Gary Halbert.

Mais um daqueles episódios a não perder!

Para saber mais sobre o Dan, eis o seu site:

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Jay Abraham rare visit to Australia October 2016

Jay is on his way! The world’s #1 marketing authority & business strategist will be here in Australia this October. No hype, no B.S. – he’s coming to get down to business! Jay will be doing the one-on-one analysis normally reserved for his top-tier, premium fee paying clients. Join him live for the day that turns everything around. Limited seats with a limited offer:

Can chemistry solve the origin of life? Perry Marshall, Denis Noble and Lee Cronin

Can chemistry crack the mystery of the origin of life? Justin is joined by Perry Marshall who has established the $10m Evolution 2.0 Prize for anyone who can show a natural explanation for life.

Lee Cronin of Glasgow University is confident that his experimental research could win it. Denis Noble also joins the conversation as they discuss the nature of life and whether current evolutionary theory can account for its origins.

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7 Steps To Mastering Delegation As Taught By Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy’s lesson on delegating tasks.

Top 3 Resources For Hiring Outsourcers For Your Online Business

Get a copy of the book:

Where do I even begin with this? As Entrepreneurs, we always hear about the importance of delegation. The importance of valuing our time.

But, we don’t always do it… right?

So I went to an expert on delegation and wanted to share the lessons from Dan Kennedy on mastering delegation.

Mastering Delegation
Define what is to be done.
Be certain the delegatee understands what is to be done.
Explain why it is to be done as you are prescribing it to be done.
Teach how it is to be done without micro-micro-managing.
Be sure the delegatee understands the how-to process.
Set the deadline for completion or progress report.
Be sure you have an agreement to the date or time and method.
This was taught to me by Dan Kennedy in the book No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

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Push Button Influence Episode 7 with Perry Marshall and Hosts Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher

Perry Marshall is an American online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and author of several books, most notably the bestsellers Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Join Push Button Influence hosts Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher as Perry shares how to:

– Access 100 million people in 10 minutes

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– Leverage the power of Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

– Transform your paradigm and approach to doing business

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