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Since 1979, freelance copywriter Bob Bly has written hundreds of winning B2B promotions – including landing pages, white papers, e-mail marketing campaigns, ads, and sales letters – for over 100 clients including IBM, AT&T, Praxair, Associated Global Systems, Intuit, Ingersoll-Rand, and Medical Economics.

Now, in Bob’s 186-page e-book The Business-to-Business Marketing Handbook, you’ll discover 30+ years of tested B2B marketing secrets, including:

10 tips for increasing landing page conversion rates – page 10. The 6 key components of effective B2B offers – page 19. What’s working in e-mail marketing today?—page 112. 7 tips for more effective content marketing—page 78. Best practices for B2B lead generation—page 54. 4 steps to writing SEO copy that both your prospects and the search engines will love—page 49. 5 ways to build a large and responsive e-list of prospects–page 29. How to write technically accurate copy for high-tech products — page 143. And more… Go here to download your copy today!

The Meta Secret – Jay Abraham
The Meta Secret takes off where the original Secret movie left viewers. It delves even more deeply into the Law of Attraction, featuring comprehensive, Step-by-Step, “How-To”Techniques of Manifestation which will help you manifest the Wealth, Love, Health and Happiness that you’ve always dreamed about.

Some of the original Secret Teachers return to focus more in-depth into the Law of Attraction and the mysterious workings of the Universe. In addition, we scoured the planet to find the very best Success Gurus, Business Wizards, authentic Metaphysical Teachers and Enlightened Wisemen of the East to add a further dimension to the movie for a multi-cultural, more holistic perspective.

For the first time ever, the secret wisdom of the East and the latest technological and philosophical discoveries are synthesized and brought together to raise the consciousness of humanity, empower the individual and awaken the greatness that lies in every one of us.