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Unstoppable Confidence from Mel Robbins, Brian Kurtz, and Dan Sullivan

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Do you want unstoppable confidence?
Today I’ve combined three lessons from three incredible achievers into one Video Friday issue.
— Mel Robbins (author of The 5-Second Rule) on The Myth of Confidence…
— Brian Kurtz (of Boardroom and The Titans of Direct Response) on The thin line between arrogance and confidence…
— And Dan Sullivan (of Strategic Coach) on The 4-Cs Formula to develop unstoppable confidence…
This is one of my most fired-up, passionate videos yet. I hope you find it to be incredibly valuable, perhaps a breakthrough…
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

Why Your Network is Your Net Worth with Brian Kurtz #4

Every business owner needs to be knowledgeable about fundamental principles to make their business grow. If you are looking for suggestions regarding the right attitude for any business, we invite you to listen to this podcast.

Today, we will be speaking with Brian Kurtz as he shares his knowledge and expertise about business, copywriting, and marketing. He also specializes in creating impactful newsletters. In his spare time, he enjoys officiating in Little League Baseball.

In this episode, Brian tells us all about his fundamental principles to success, particularly the Hundred Zero Principle, which he considers a crucial aspect for every marketer. He also talks about making deep and valuable connections with different people. Sounds interesting? Check the episode highlights and listen to this informative episode for the nitty-gritty details.

✍ The Hundred Zero Principle and the idea of Serendipitous Giving (02:20) ✍
● Brian confessed that he doesn’t like the word networking, but he loves the idea of contributing and connecting.
● The Hundred Zero Principle refers to giving 100% to everybody or everything that you do while expecting 0% in return.
● The Hundred Zero Principle is challenging to exhibit, but it is the only way to know what works and what does not.
● The method of how you give your 100% is an essential determiner of success.
● Learn and practice the concept of serendipitous giving.

✍ Relationship capital account (05:08) ✍
● Be patient about your investment’s return as long as you employ the right method.
● Don’t underestimate people based on their current status because everybody has potential.
● Learn from missed opportunities so you can be aware of them in your future endeavours.
● Accept that you have flaws, but always try to do your best.

✍ Boardroom dinners or intentional dinners (10:48) ✍
● Intentional or boardroom dinners have taught him about making deep and valuable connections.
● He also learned how to organize and how to connect people.
● Be intentional about everything that you do.
● Building deep relationships and rapport is one of the critical principles of every business owner.

✍ Six-person intentional dinners (13:48) ✍
● There is no ulterior motive at any dinner
● Making connections through great conversations is the goal of these dinners
● They make connections by inviting people that the other person did not know
● Do not expect anything when you attend these dinners. You should wait for great conversations to unfold.

✍ Acknowledging the giants in his profession and those who contributed to his book (18:26) ✍
● He gave recognition to his inspirations who are experts in the field of marketing and copywriting.
● His book, Overdeliver, seeks to overdeliver valuable insights about marketing. It also offers eleven bonuses.
● His book serves to recognize his inspirations in the field by sharing marketing knowledge to those who are interested in the field.

✍ Fulfilment from the book (26:21) ✍
● He continues to write for current and future marketers.
● It is fulfiling to share his knowledge with beginner marketers.
● He does not focus on commission; instead, he focuses on helping start-ups.

✍ Resources ✍
Adam Grant’s Give and Take (
Jayson Gaignard’s Mastermind Dinners (

Connect with Brian Kurtz through his website ( You can also watch his informative videos on Youtube ( We also encourage you to check his book, Overdeliver ( to find valuable insights on marketing and copywriting!

Thanks for listening! See you in the next episode!

Doberman Dan | Roy Furr – Freelance Titan part 2

Doberman Dan | Roy Furr – Freelance Titan part 2

In fact, after writing sales copy for almost a quarter of a century as a full time gig (mostly writing for my own businesses)… I’m starting to view what drives top performers for what it REALLY is…

A mental illness.

No sane person wants to deal with all the self-hate, mental and emotional trauma that an A-list player has to deal with.

But there’s a reason top producers in any field are so out of balance. And it’s the thing that eventually makes them great.

If you want a brief glimpse of how one top copywriter deals with it, click here and listen to this week’s episode of Off The Chain.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

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Joe Polish at the Apple Store in San Francisco!

Joe Polish and Lisa Wagner from Piranha Marketing, are at the Apple Store In San Francisco with one of Apple’s Super Cool and Helpful Employees Dillion as he tries to wave down a Cab for Joe and Lisa after selling them a MacBook