Joe Polish Presentation on Gary Halbert – Video from Dan Kennedy SuperConference is where you’ll find this killer presentation embeded plus a full I Love Marketing episode on the Power of Video Sales Letters (revealing how to do it) with Jon Benson, Joe Polish and Dean Jackson

Gary Halbert XXX Secrets: His #1 Emergency Cash Surge Promotion

The $169k CASE STUDY: “Introducing The Most Effective Emergency Cash Surge Promotion I Learned From Marketing Legend Gary Halbert”

Join multi-million dollar direct-response consultants and copywriters (Tony Torres and Peter Louis) for this educational and profitable Training Webinar.

Just Sell The Damn Thing With Doberman Dan

Listen to the full episode here:

In the episode:

01:25 – Is Doberman his real name?
03:47 – Storytelling and influence
09:35 – Market before product
12:55 – A copywriter’s heresy
15:18 – Just what is sales?
16:54 – Ambitiously lazy
21:05 – Nothing beats face-to-face
23:44 – Learning from Gary Halbert
28:55 – From making arrests to writing copy
31:29 – A book as a lead-in
35:19 – Two and a half years ago…
38:58 – Old school timelessness
42:48 – What to love about Dan’s book
46:42 – You don’t need a huge list

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Michel Fortin interviews Gary Halbert – Part 1

Bob Bly Reveals Copywriting Secrets and Tips for Marketing Success Part 1

Bob Bly Reveals Copywriting Secrets and Tips for Marketing Success Part 1. In this 2 part video series master copywriter and marketer Bob Bly, shares his copywriting secrets.

He also reveals why he is focusing so much on marketing these days, but why he still finds time for his copywriting clients too.

Part 2:

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American Writers & Artists

Joe Polish on The Keys to Marketing Your Business – with Lewis Howes

Thank you for Watching! New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Authors, and Minds will be posted every Monday and Wednesday!

This is audio podcast number #294

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1:55 Importance of Understanding Marketing
3:35 Donald Trump: Master of Communication
4:47 Key Principles to Get Started in Marketing
6:54 Write Sales Letter
10:43 Education Based Marketing
14:29 Invest in Copy Before Design
17:00 You can have an ELF Business or a Half Business
18:28 One Book to Buy and Read?
19:48 Joe Polish 3 Truths
21:50 Joe Polish Definition of Greatness

Today I speak with Joe Polish. Joe is the Founder and President of Piranha Marketing Inc. He is also the creator of Genius Network® Interview Series, founder of Genius Network® (aka The 25K Group), and co-founder of, and, two highly popular podcasts on iTunes.

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Dr. Gabor Maté In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts | Addiction Interview | Joe Polish

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts – Dr. Gabor Maté.

A Candid Conversation About Addiction with Dr. Gabor Maté and Joe Polish

Episode Summary

Is addiction the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced? Can we do anything about it? In a candid conversation about addiction, Dr. Gabor Maté and Joe Polish define what addiction is and why it’s actually a solution to pain.

Dr. Gabor Maté is a Hungarian-born Canadian physician with a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development and trauma, and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on ADHD, addictions and a wide range of other conditions.

Recorded LIVE at the 2017 Genius Network Annual Event for

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dr. Gabor Maté in this episode:

– Why addiction is the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced and what we’re doing about it…
– Dr. Gabor Maté defines what addiction is and why it’s actually a solution to pain
– How the criminal justice system treats addiction and why we must change how people view and treat addicts
– Dr. Gabor Maté and Joe discuss the opioid epidemic and why it’s been happening for decades
– The reason why every case of addiction originates from trauma and deep pain
– Joe shares his struggle with addiction and Dr. Gabor Maté shares his personal story of workaholism
– Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton: A fascinating insight into the difference between overt trauma and developmental trauma
– Joe asks Dr. Gabor Maté, “If someone was raped or molested as a child, how do you interact with your perpetrator if you still know them?”
– Addicts lie, cheat, steal and cause trouble through self-destruction. Gabor and Joe discuss how to interact (and be compassionate) with addicts…
– Dr. Gabor Maté talks about epigenetics and how our environment influences our genes
– The meaning of recovery and how we reconnect with ourselves in recovery
– Dr. Gabor Maté talks about “respectable addictions” and how disdain gets projected onto other people
– How parents unknowingly pass on trauma from one generation to the next…
– Dr. Gabor Maté discusses why A.D.D. is a response to trauma and how A.D.D. is an adaptation
– Traumaphobia: Why we’re surrounded by trauma and yet we don’t talk about it
– What Dr. Gabor Maté would ask Harvey Weinstein and how Gabor suggests we treat addiction
– Why we can’t punish pain out of people and how we can help people fighting silent battles
– What we can do to heal the family system, heal the individual and recover from addiction


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Finding God in the Code – Perry Marshall

The Semmelweis Effect is entrenched norms stomping on discoveries with skepticism. At a time when we are creating glow in the dark animals and you can perform gene splicing from your kitchen, we need to open our minds to appreciate the unanswered questions. Will God be found in bacteria?

Many Ways To Listen
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Perry Marshall 80/20 Sales and Marketing – Private Event

SEO Sherpa ( presents a Breakfast with Perry Marshall recorded live on 17th May 2016 in Dubai, UAE.

At this private closed-door event for customers of SEO Sherpa, Perry Marshall reveals how to use 80:20 sales and marketing principles to win more customers without more work.

In this 70-minute presentation he covers:

– How to “Rack the shotgun” and eliminate tyre kickers from your sales process.
– How to leverage the 80:20 power curve and 10X even 100X your marketing results.
– The 5 “power disqualifier’s” you must ask to zero in on “wallet out, ready to buy” customers.
– And, how to uncover the one thing you should be working on right now.

For more information about SEO Sherpa and Click Jam visit:



Gary Halbert – Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar

A direct marketing seminar by info-guru, the late Gary Halbert, called “THE PRINCE OF PRINT”

Los Angeles business owners listen…

“Attention: Los Angeles Dentists, Doctors, Speakers, Authors, Local Small Business Owners and even Ad Agencies”

How do you get more sales leads guaranteed to convert to sales easier, cheaper, and with less hassle so you can rest easier at night?

Is it true that SEO, PPC, Copywriting and both offline and online Direct response marketing strategies are excellent ways to get more leads?

If you want to get more leads on auto-pilot, while reducing friction and generating more profits easily, then you will want to read every word of this letter I wrote for you, because being a business owner is tough in America today, and perhaps seeing how to leverage technology to your advantage could put one or several zeros at the end of your profits by the end of year or even overnight.

That’s a bold claim I know. So allow me to explain. See…

Out of the hundreds of businesses I have evaluated over the last twenty years across multiple industries to help explode their profits, slash their costs, and codify their processes, there are a few simple areas where you can get a big bank for your buck and I see companies leaving money on the table or even worse flushing money down the drain because they don’t have an expert in their corner who has their best interest at heart!

Did you know that just one of my simple strategies got big name A-List copywriters 20% conversion rates overnight from one simple change to their landing pages.  That’s how powerful these strategies are to you. And I want to share them with you right now.

Here’s the deal…

Back in 2008 in West Los Angeles as I was graduating (magna cum laude) from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and even then I knew I had a serious problem!

I had become completely addicted to internet marketing.  And I started to spend every moment and every extra dollar I had buying courses and books on learning internet marketing and how to build a list, traffic generation, conversions, email marketing, direct response marketing, and web design.

In 2009, when I graduated with an MBA in Finance and Marketing, I already had experience with running my own businesses already, but I wasn’t very successful.

I had tried Pay-Per-Click advertising, but didn’t really know what I was doing back then.  Fast forward to 2012 and I was still trying everything I could to make money online using internet marketing.  As I devoured another course, I would attempt what I had learned and I’d get one step closer to success.

Finally, in 2013 I bought a funnel from a guy, started running solo ads to it and voila!  Pay dirt. I had made my first dollar online, and by the weekend I had deconstructed the anatomy of the funnel to see why it was working.

Literally, overnight I had a list of over 500 people and the sales I got from affiliate offers within the funnel, paid for the traffic.  This is what is known as a self-liquidating offer.

It’s when your front end lead generation magnet, pulls in leads, and the back end higher ticket offers increase customer life time value.  This was exciting but I still wasn’t satisfied…

Still consuming information like a machine I continued to learn, study and implement more, and more, and more.

Next, I decided to build my own products and hired the best internet marketing  business coach at the time.

And I asked him to show me how he was doing it. I’ll never forget how terrified I was to write the check, because it was a BIG ONE. But I did because I trusted my heart and within six months I had my own digital product line created and branded and started selling those products using internet marketing to my list.

Next, I began to create and convert local web pages for business owners. This was in 2014 and cell phones were exploding in popularity. Many business owners didn’t have a mobile optimized website, so I helped them convert their websites and helped them with their marketing strategies.

Still not satisfied I continued consuming more and more information daily and learning as much as I could about sales, marketing, persuasion, direct mail, internet marketing, NLP, and everything I could get my hands on.

At this point every dollar I made with my business was being spend on increasing my knowledge for my clients and my products to increase sales, decrease costs, and explode results as fast as possible.

I hired another mentor, this time for live events. By 2017 I had co-produced my first two live events including Event Promoters Mastermind and the Speaker Author Mastermind.

Pretty soon I found myself on phone calls with my mentors and they were hiring me to help them!  I still can’t believe it. But, it’s true. And I started doing join ventures, cross promotions, speaker promotions, event promotions and everything in between to help people.

The best part was that it wasn’t salesy or spammy at all. I began to simply connect with people who I knew I could help and I started helping them.   Deep inside I’m a shy introvert and that’s why I know this will work for anyone.

In case I didn’t mention it yet, I was also working full time during this whole process, while getting amazing results for my clients.

Eventually, I started my C-Corporation called Smith Publishing, Inc. to house all of my brands and to structure my business.  Helping local businesses with all that I’ve learned led me to start I Need Local Marketing, a digital asset management company.

We help businesses get more sales and leads using advanced strategies of SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Google Analytics, Copywriting, Market Research, and many more strategies too numerous to list.

We get results for our clients guaranteed or you don’t pay. Very few people in this industry can or will say this. We put our money where our mouth is, because we just want to get you excellent results so you can tell all your friends how awesome we are and how much we helped you with your business.

So, now that you’ve read this far, perhaps you’re feeling like giving us a call or sending us an email, so we can see how to best help you in your business.  We’re nice guys. We guarantee results. And we aren’t going to take you on as a client unless we can help you.

So use the contact information below to call us or email us today. We’ll setup a mutual time to discuss your business and explore the ways in which we can help.

Kind regards,

Clinton Smith

President, CEO

Smith Publishing, Inc.





Business Strategist

Email Dyno Blog Post


“So today, in an ongoing obsession to discover the best tools for business owners like you to become more profitable. I decided to reveal a little tool I found and have been using for my clients businesses to get more leads and build a deeper bond with their customers” 

And I set out on a mission to discover why a weird side affect is skyrocketing customer satisfaction and business owners profits faster than we imagined was possible at first. 

If you want to know how this can really help your business, then simply keeping reading or reply back to this email and I’ll show you why it’s so easy it’s like magic yet most business owners don’t even know these tools exist, nor how to deploy them strategically throughout their business.

Like sitting ducks –  Business owners fall prey to the competition who know these strategies I’ll reveal to you just a second!

but first business is tough, even when the economy is booming like now you never know when a correction is coming and you better be prepared and have a customer list that you nurture and communicate with on a regular basis or you could find yourself screwed or even wiped out when hard times hit!

Enter the solution, your newfound secret weapon! Yep. That’s right.  Your secret weapon because if you’re on my team then I’ll show you how to eliminate 90% of your business competitors with this one easy technology move that the average person has no idea is  even possible.  In fact, most marketers I know, and I compete with the best marketers in the world and have been doing it successfully for 12 years, don’t even know about some of these strategies and if they do no one is sharing it.

The way I know this is I obsessively buy all of the best marketers products and I consume them, test them, and deploy them and then I write about the one’s I like on my blog. 

Sometimes it works better than others in highly competitive niches but guaranteed these strategies will set you apart from the competition sealing your monopolistic domination on your local market competition.

Creating an impenetrable fortress where you sit in your castle above looking down on the competition, and you see below with a moat full of energetically wild voracious hungry crocodiles, surrounded by a blazing ring of fire, and you think “competition -what competition?” Because your business will stand so far apart with this strategy.

Your competitors will be left scratching their heads, wondering what happened as you hyper warp ahead of them so fast, that they’re left choking on your dust!

Sorry I’m  a visual person and that’s the best way I know to type the words hear so you can really feel them soaking into your brain your mind and heart to experience what I’m trying to describe. 

And I hope you get the idea that this is something you have to explore deeper because you want to see effective results in your business fast that’s sustainable to scale. Plus! 

Let’s pretend for a minute that you hired me for example…And You’re a Doctor, Dentist, Business Owner, Real Estate Agent, Start-up Vice President, or CEO of a Fortune 500 Corporation and we want to dramatically increase customer satisfaction immediately. 

First, I’d guarantee you have in place a visually stunning welcome mat landing page for your new website visitors to land on so we could get them on our newsletter, and we’d be sure it’s packed with short, punchy, action-driven copy that gets results. 

The kind that makes you want to take action right now to visualize and “See What It’s All About!”

Next, we’d setup a series of welcome emails that are geared towards serving the clients with a better experience. 

Let’s say you own a bar and Tuesdays are slow.

Only a few guys in there playing pool usually no-one on the dance floor. 

So, you decide to send an email out to your list saying  

“Ladies Drink Free Tonight From 6-9 for instant access show this email at the door.”

Email is practically fr.e.e so you decide to send to the whole list. 

You have doubts about if it will work but

you send the power packed copy email like the one you’re reading now anyway

that morning and go about your day.

You begin to hear some laughing up front and giggling a few minutes before six

you notice a group of young ladies step into the bar and approach!

Here’s where the secret weapon part comes.



You had already and simultaneously sent an email to the guys on your list and you told them

“Hey Fellas you’re invited to come enjoy ladies night tonight!” 

You can imagine the excitement as men and women begin to arrive in droves

and your staff are suddenly scrambling around harder than you imagined or were even prepared for tonight.

You even call in extra staff which you haven’t done in years. 

The night is flying by as you are bringing out cases coke, beer, and alcohol just to keep up and you start running out of supplies and you’re thinking how lucky you are that you had just stocked inventory as it was the 1st of the Month.  

And the band is on fire as they are absorbing the energy from the dance floor and it’s packed!

Everyone is having a blast!



And you are suddenly embolden with your new powerful secret weapon of email marketing.

You end closing really late as the last stragglers headed out and you are counting the money that came in.

To your amazement it’s the most profitable night of the whole year. 

As we continue to work together forever and ever you realize just how magical this day was that you stumbled upon this letter. 

Luck favors the bold action takers that strive for results! 

Click here next to learn more about how you can deploy technology to see amazing results fast!

Enjoy the weekend! I’m off to the beach now to enjoy the day. 

Peace out for now,

Clinton Smith


World Class Marketer and Business Strategist


Strategic Local Business Adviser

CEO/President Smith Publishing, Inc.

Author: “You Need Local Marketing

Live Event Co-producer: and

with Mark Harris 

MBA in Finance And Marketing, Pepperdine University (honors)

Bachelor Of Science in Business Management, Pepperdine Universityy (Magna Cum Laude)


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How To Easily Get More Leads More Sales And More Happy Customers Today!








  • Have a landing page or welcome mat on your website.
  • Have a self-liquidating front-end offer.
  • Have this tied into an email auto-responder.
  • Have a professional copywriter write your pages (someone like me;)
  • Have a blog that is automatically setup to push out keyword rich niche specific content.
  • Have a list of promotional calendar dates so you are prepared in advance.
  • Take advantage of the holidays and other niche specific important dates to align your marketing calendar.
  • Engage, make it fun,and offer great deals and cross-sells and upsells!
  • Run contests, promotions and other buzz generating AIDA inspiring viral content.
  • Post to social media automatically from your blog on your website.
  • Create the VIP experience for your customer because it’s about the relationship and the journey.
  • Provide useful information that is helpful for your clients.

That’s just a few ideas off the top of my head. What else can you think of to help small business owners get more leads today?

  • How about SEO search engine optimization?
  • How Pay per click marketing?
  • How about Local Listings on Yahoo, Google, Bing, and local directories?
  • How about newspaper ads that lead to your website landing page or welcome mat?
  • How about Facebook Ads?
  • How about Linkedin Ads?
  • How about Instragram Ads?
  • How about Twitter Ads?
  • How about Social Media Selling and Social Media Posts and Marketing?
  • How about Google Pay Per Click?
  • What about Bing Ads?
  • Perhaps you would consider direct mail campaigns?
  • Then there is a Guerrilla Style Marketing Strategies?
  • Imagine stunt or gimmick attention grabbing marketing?
  • How about banners and flyers?
  • How about planes carrying banners over the beach?
  • Don’t forget about Google reviews?
  • Have you published your book yet?
  • Do you know others in your industry who you can share content and ideas and strategies with to cross promote yourselves?
  • Have you considered creating a syndicate within your local business community to share ideas, email lists, and cross promote each other legally and ethically?
  • How about Geo-Targeting?

Look, you get the idea by now right? The world is your oyster and if you are start to feel that even one of these ideas could get your mores sales and clients then do be sure to schedule for free of charge strategy session with me today so we can explore the ways in which you can easily begin to increase profit margins with little effort and with a very modest budget to boot.

To your success,

Clinton Smith

CEO President, Smith Publishing, Inc.


3 Fast Ways For Business Owners To Increase Revenue Fast!

3 Fast Ways For Business Owners To Increase Revenue Fast using Email Marketing, List Building, and Social Media together!

Build Your Email List! Connect your website to social media. And use these feedback loops to create a buyer frenetic environment. 
Now, Whether you have a brick and mortar business, or an online publishing business, restaurant owner, bar owner, you need to build a “List” or audience.
  • First get yourself a “lead magnet” such as a guide, or e-book, or video series, or something of benefit to have your client be willing to “raise their hand” and show they is interested in hearing from you again.
  • (Let’s say you have a restaurant and when visitors arrive at your website they see an Irresistible Coupon Discount for “buy 1 dinner and get the 2nd dinner for Free with a complimentary bottle of wine”.
  • Now as the business owner you have rewarded a visitor to your website, and now you have their email address and on Tuesdays when business is slow you can send out an email Monday night offering “Taco Tuesdays” $1 drinks 4-8 Happy Hour!”).
  • You can pay someone to build a lead magnet for you easily on a site like; or
  • You can create it and outline it and have someone add graphics.
You will need an email “auto-responder” such as
Get Response
Or Active Campaign
Both of these are fantastic service providers for professional email marketing campaigns.
which is a way to communicate with people who have signed up and shared their email address, home address, phone number,  or contact details and has given you permission for you to follow up with them
  • You will need a series of emails or videos that can follow up or have a professional email copywriting expert write your emails for you
Here is what you see starting to happen in your business (You could even have this setup this weekend).
  • You now have a lead magnet.
  • You have an email follow up sequence
  • You have a promotional plan throughout the year
  • You use your promotional plan to track your results for continuous improvement
If you need help setting up profitable marketing campaigns to exponentially increase your profit margins and ROI on your investments, then call your local Torrance trusted business adviser at I Need Local Marketing Today!
Clinton Smith
Smith Publishing, Inc. 
Published Author:
“You Need Local Marketing”, available on Amazon
MBA in Finance & Marketing Pepperdine University