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George Krahn Tells About Perry Marshall Solar Eclipse Event

In late August, my team & I attended Perry Marshall’s Planet Perry Eclipse Extravaganza at Camp Solaris near Firth, Nebraska.

We could even bring our families along. Listen to this video clip to hear what I thought about the event.

Tư vấn chiến lược doanh nghiệp cùng Jay Abraham 24/05/2018 – VTV1 | Babylons Group

Là người sáng lập và là CEO của Abraham Group, Inc ( Los Angeles, Canifornia), Jay đã dành toàn bộ sự nghiệp của mình là giải quyết các vấn đề cho các doanh nghiệp. Ông đã làm gia tăng đáng kể những điểm cốt yếu của hơn 10.000 khách hàng trong hơn 400 ngành, và 7.200 ngành phụ trợ trên toàn cầu. Ông đã nghiên cứu, và giải quyết gần như tất cả các vấn đề, thử thách và cơ hội kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp.

Nguyên tắc của Jay là tạo ra sự khác biệt giữa doanh nghiệp bình thường và doanh nghiệp có doanh thu tăng thêm hàng triệu đô la.

Jay có khả năng đặc biệt làm tăng thu nhập, sự giàu có và thành công. Ông khám phá ra những tiềm năng ẩn, những cơ hội bị lãng quên và những khả năng bị đánh giá thấp.

Người ta gọi ông là bậc thầy “phù thủy” của lĩnh vực Marketing, nhưng ông tự nhận mình ta là một chuyên gia tăng trưởng doanh nghiệp.

Jay được công nhận là một chuyên gia xuất sắc, độc nhất trong lĩnh vực nâng cao hiệu quả kinh doanh và tối đa hóa tiềm năng của doanh nghiệp.

Ông xuất hiện thường xuyên trên các tạp chí nổi tiếng như: USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, OTC Stock Journal, National Underwriter, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Inc và trên nhiều phương tiện truyền thông khác àng của ông lợi thế vô cùng lớn so với các đối thủ cạnh tranh của họ

333: Joe Polish — Selling and Marketing

Listen to the full episode here:

This episode is a raw, unedited recording of the Less Doing Live Event in Los Angeles. The theme of the event was Perfect Your Process and entrepreneurs from various industries share their perspectives on the theme.


This session features Joe Polish, entrepreneur, founder of the Genius Network, and marketing expert. Joe shares his wealth of knowledge about everything to do with sales, marketing and identifying and running an E.L.F (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) business. Joe and Ari discuss his work with Genius Network, helping high-level entrepreneurs find like-minded people and the role of health in business success. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[1:21] Joe Polish speaks briefly about marketing.

[1:58] What is the process for identifying an E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) business, or turning a business that’s not into an E.L.F. business?

[2:18] Joe gives a brief introduction about himself and how he stumbled into E.L.F.

[12:07] There are three things you need in order to sell something — a product or service, a sales pitch or marketing message, and a delivery system.

[15:36] What is selling and marketing? Joe explains how it ties into automation, systematization, and making money.

[18:29] Joe and Ari discuss the pros and cons of infomercials, and how marketers can learn from them.

[22:17] Joe highlights how the marketing he does for Genius Network is repelling people.

[28:52] Joe’s vision for Genius Network is to help solve the world’s problems.

[33:46] Joe shares an anecdote of why it’s important for high-level entrepreneurs to be surrounded by others like them.

[40:30] In building Artists for Addicts, what were some of the biggest pivot points Joe experienced?

[54:24] Joe talks about his theme for his event this year — Health, Wealth and E.L.F.


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I Love Marketing® Presents: Karen Jacobsen, voice of Siri, interviewed by Joe Polish

I Love Marketing® Presents: Karen Jacobsen, voice of Siri, interviewed by Joe Polish

Joe had a conversation with Siri (in real life)! Karen Jacobsen is the Australian English voice heard on hundreds of millions of GPS units around the world…and…she’s the Australian voice of Siri.

Karen was in Tempe, Arizona, for an event, so – off the cuff – we got together and had an impromptu conversation about a bunch of cool things.

* How Olivia Newton John changed Karen’s life and inspired at a very young age

* The best part of having your voice on over 100 million GPS units and over 200 million Apple products around the world

* How to know the right direction to go in, and the best steps to take in your life… and… why it’s “never too late to recalculate”

* The way to get more confidence, take charge, be in control and accelerate your life

* If you’re ever unclear, undecided or confused about anything, here’s a simple technique you can use to get certain and have more certainty

* 5 steps to ‘recalculate’ in any area of your life and get to where you want to go

Joe Polish is the Founder and President of Piranha Marketing Inc. He is also the creator of the Genius Network® Interview Series, founder of Genius Network® (also known as the 25K Group), and Co-Founder of 10XTalk.com, and ILoveMarketing.com, two highly popular free podcasts on iTunes.

Joe has an Entrepreneurial Focus on Value Creation, Connection, and Contribution. His marketing expertise has been utilized to build thousands of businesses and has generated hundreds of millions for his clients, ranging from large corporations to small family-owned businesses.

Joe’s marketing audio program with Nightingale-Conant, “Piranha Marketing”, has continued to be their number one best selling marketing program for nearly a decade.

The Genius Network® interview series taps into the wisdom of some of the greatest entrepreneurial and marketing minds on the planet. Best selling authors from Bill Phillips to David Bach, marketing pioneers from Joe Sugarman to Gary Halbert to John Carlton, and perhaps the best-known high- adrenaline entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson.

Joe’s I love Marketing® podcast with marketing consultant and productivity expert, Dean Jackson, has become a worldwide phenomena with I Love Marketing Meetup groups throughout North America, Europe, Asia & Australia.

Joe’s passions today are continuing to develop his high level Genius Network Mastermind® group, a marketing “brainstorming” group for highly successful entrepreneurs, and his charitable fundraising mastermind which has raised well over three million dollars to date for Virgin Unite to help fund entrepreneurial schools and humanitarian programs.


I Love Marketing® Presents: Karen Jacobsen, voice of Siri, interviewed by Joe Polish: http://youtu.be/_A5wa9ojERU


‘The Power Of Broke’ Interview Series: Jay Abraham

For more exclusive content and interviews from Daymond John’s new book, “The Power of Broke”, check out www.PowerofBroke.com

Jay Abraham continues to find success in his role as a consultant and direct-marketing guru. In 2000, he was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches in the country. In this video, find out from Jay Abraham himself exactly how he revived the hurting 8-track business by finding a more successful way to buy and distribute the tapes.

Episode 86 – Brian Kurtz

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The Amazing 60 Second Sales Hook That Creates An Instant Bond With Your Best Prospects:


How To Create A Personal Brand Website with Dmitriy Kozlov at Joe Polish’s Genius Network

Building A Team You Love: in 3 Steps with Brad Martineau at Joe Polish’s Genius Network. To learn more about Genius Network® click here: https://goo.gl/0mX9id

Do you ever feel like the word “branding” is overused? Curious about the real value of an influencer site? The right personal brand website can massively boost your authority and create deeper connections.

Recorded LIVE at Genius Network.


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