Joe Polish and Mike Koenigs talk about building your perfect “Genius Network,” Visioneering, & More!

Joe Polish and Mike Koenigs talk about building your perfect “Genius Network,” connecting with brilliant minds, and everything they learned at the 2019 XPrize Visioneering event. Plus, get details about the upcoming Genius Network Annual Event.

In this video you’ll discover:

* What happened behind-the-scenes at the invitation-only Visioneering event;
* How to stir your brain and create breakthroughs in your business and life;
* What Peter Diamandis is going to be sharing at this year’s Genius Network Annual Event;
* How to make your life and business more E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative and Fun);
* and Why Mike has been in Genius Network for 10+ years and how Genius Network has become, as Mike says, “the best long-term source of my greatest connections and relationships in business.”

Much like Peter’s XPRIZE Visioneering Event, The Genius Network Annual Event taking place November 2nd-4th 2019 is by application and invitation only for qualified entrepreneurs. We will be curating transformative discussions and hosting 300+ of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. To see if you qualify, as well as see who will be in attendance and what you’ll be discovering, go here now:

We’re going to have an amazing three days discovering winning strategies in Marketing, Business, Health, and Wealth from people like Keith Cunningham, Suzy Batiz, Joe De Sena, Dr. Andrew Weil, Chris Voss, Peter Diamandis and more.

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