How Entrepreneurs Can Get The Most Timely And Helpful Resources During COVID-19

As an Entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets during this COVID-19 crisis is your CLARITY. Your ability to quickly sift through the overwhelming amounts of information coming at you, while keeping yourself physically safe, is everything right now.

If you can utilize the most elegant insights to keep you and your team productive, safe, and clear, and transform this COVID crisis into a value creation opportunity, you will gain a HUGE advantage now and into the future.

I put together this short video (animated by The Draw Shop) detailing what Genius Network is working on to create even more value for you.

In the video, I explain how we’ve set up, so you have timely, valuable resources like:

* BE HARD TO KILL: Top Ten Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Succumbing to any Respiratory Virus By Dr. Rebecca R. Miller

* How To Utilize The CARES Act and New Laws To Increase Your Cash featuring Jim Dew and Tony Rose

* Clearly Understanding The Reality and Risks of COVID-19 with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed and Dan Sullivan

* Safe Ideas For Scary Times: Entrepreneurship Amidst Chaos with Jay Abraham and Dean Jackson

* Business Oxygen: The 13 Most Critical KPI’s to Monitor In Your Business Right Now from Keith J. Cunningham

There are many other resources on you can access right now, and I’m curating together even more for you.

My intention is to help you, and all our Genius Network Members, weather this COVID crisis, both personally and professionally.




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