Direct response copywriting legend and bestselling author Bob Bly’s new book “The Big Book…

Yours FREE – Bob Bly’s B2B Marketing Handbook!

Since 1979, freelance copywriter Bob Bly has written hundreds of winning B2B promotions – including landing pages, white papers, e-mail marketing campaigns, ads, and sales letters – for over 100 clients including IBM, AT&T, Praxair, Associated Global Systems, Intuit, Ingersoll-Rand, and Medical Economics.

Now, in Bob’s 186-page e-book The Business-to-Business Marketing Handbook, you’ll discover 30+ years of tested B2B marketing secrets, including:

10 tips for increasing landing page conversion rates – page 10. The 6 key components of effective B2B offers – page 19. What’s working in e-mail marketing today?—page 112. 7 tips for more effective content marketing—page 78. Best practices for B2B lead generation—page 54. 4 steps to writing SEO copy that both your prospects and the search engines will love—page 49. 5 ways to build a large and responsive e-list of prospects–page 29. How to write technically accurate copy for high-tech products — page 143. And more… Go here to download your copy today!

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