COVID-19 – How It Infects, How It Replicates, Who Is Most At Risk with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed

A Genius Network® Discussion With Genomic Scientist, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed and Joe Polish

You have no choice but to listen to this entire interview, here’s why:

The correct information is critical right now, and discovering what Dr. Mohammad shares will help bring you understanding, peace, and calm in a rough sea of fear and confusion.

Dr. Mohammed will help clarify fact from fiction about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic;

Why our health systems are at risk of crashing AND what we MUST do as a community and society to avoid disaster;

Then, Dr. Mohammed explains several unintended consequences of COVID-19 almost NOBODY is talking about or addressing;

And, the questions at the end … finally, the questions you have been wondering about … are answered.

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