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3 Easy Marketing Strategies Every Business Needs Now And Forever!

In today’s post we’ll discuss 3 easy marketing strategies every business needs now and forever, or at least until new technologies come along that assist business owners to increase sales, decrease costs, and to optimize conversions from their website, that are better than the tools today.

For many years we have tested every new technology that comes out for marketing more effectively for our clients.

And there are some amazingly powerful tools in existence today that didn’t exist before the advent of the internet. And when you couple them with age old direct response principles you can get amazing results.

And the key is to keep testing and tweaking what works in your market until you start to see results.

Once dialed in you can begin to scale.

The first of the 3 easy marketing strategies I still see most business owners making is that they don’t even have a capture form on their websites.

And I have seen Attorneys running pay-per-click ads where clicks cost $100 dollars each and they don’t even have the capture page setup.

So the traffic is a one shot deal. With a capture page you are able to get their contact details for later and you can follow up with other forms of communication.

The second piece is to have a “lead magnet” or some sort of offer to entice them to give you their information.

For a restaurant you could have a donwloadable coupon, for an attorney it might be a downloadable pdf on the pitfalls to avoid when hiring an attorney, or if it is a car dealership perhaps you offer discount or some other enticing offfer to the audience so that they will leave their contact details in exchange for your lead magnet.

This part is important because you can now begin retargeting and email marketing to the people that visit your website.

Whereas, before you had these things in place, you could send traffic to your webpage and if the prospect did exactly what you wanted them to do such as call a plastic surgeons office, or make an appointment for a consultation, without the capture page, and lead magnet in place you have no way of maximizing each dollar of ad spend.

Every business owner that has a website needs a capture page, they need a lead magnet, and auto-responder for email marketing, and retargeting pixels for facebook, or google ads.

These simple steps can improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns dramatically relative to when you don’t have them at all.

And it happens because you are able to capture more leads and sales on auto-pilot driving down ad spending by getting more bang for your buck for every marketing dollar spent, thus allowing you more time to run your business and focus on what matters most to you.

When you then begin to optimize your landing page, which could be your website or a separate page setup to send paid traffic to, you will see better results from your efforts.

Some conversion strategies that seem to work well include VSL’s, whiteboard animation videos, killer copy, and a 101 ways to increase conversions from there.

And that is the key to 3 easy business marketing strategies every business needs now and forever.

Clint Smith


Smith Publishing, Inc.



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