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3 Easy Marketing Strategies Every Business Needs Now And Forever!

In today’s post we’ll discuss 3 easy marketing strategies every business needs now and forever, or at least until new technologies come along that assist business owners to increase sales, decrease costs, and to optimize conversions from their website, that are better than the tools today.

For many years we have tested every new technology that comes out for marketing more effectively for our clients.

And there are some amazingly powerful tools in existence today that didn’t exist before the advent of the internet. And when you couple them with age old direct response principles you can get amazing results.

And the key is to keep testing and tweaking what works in your market until you start to see results.

Once dialed in you can begin to scale.

The first of the 3 easy marketing strategies I still see most business owners making is that they don’t even have a capture form on their websites.

And I have seen Attorneys running pay-per-click ads where clicks cost $100 dollars each and they don’t even have the capture page setup.

So the traffic is a one shot deal. With a capture page you are able to get their contact details for later and you can follow up with other forms of communication.

The second piece is to have a “lead magnet” or some sort of offer to entice them to give you their information.

For a restaurant you could have a donwloadable coupon, for an attorney it might be a downloadable pdf on the pitfalls to avoid when hiring an attorney, or if it is a car dealership perhaps you offer discount or some other enticing offfer to the audience so that they will leave their contact details in exchange for your lead magnet.

This part is important because you can now begin retargeting and email marketing to the people that visit your website.

Whereas, before you had these things in place, you could send traffic to your webpage and if the prospect did exactly what you wanted them to do such as call a plastic surgeons office, or make an appointment for a consultation, without the capture page, and lead magnet in place you have no way of maximizing each dollar of ad spend.

Every business owner that has a website needs a capture page, they need a lead magnet, and auto-responder for email marketing, and retargeting pixels for facebook, or google ads.

These simple steps can improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns dramatically relative to when you don’t have them at all.

And it happens because you are able to capture more leads and sales on auto-pilot driving down ad spending by getting more bang for your buck for every marketing dollar spent, thus allowing you more time to run your business and focus on what matters most to you.

When you then begin to optimize your landing page, which could be your website or a separate page setup to send paid traffic to, you will see better results from your efforts.

Some conversion strategies that seem to work well include VSL’s, whiteboard animation videos, killer copy, and a 101 ways to increase conversions from there.

And that is the key to 3 easy business marketing strategies every business needs now and forever.

Clint Smith


Smith Publishing, Inc.



P.S. I made you a quick video about it too.  If you are serious about learning how to setup a website and make it go to work for you like the machine you envisioned when you paid all that money in the past then watch this video now. This is not for you if you have no interest in learning how to do what I teach yourself. If you would like a private consultation to explore how we might be able to explode sales, leads, and profits in your business simply call to schedule your no charge strategy session for a limited time.


Finding God in the Code – Perry Marshall

The Semmelweis Effect is entrenched norms stomping on discoveries with skepticism. At a time when we are creating glow in the dark animals and you can perform gene splicing from your kitchen, we need to open our minds to appreciate the unanswered questions. Will God be found in bacteria?

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Perry Marshall 80/20 Sales and Marketing – Private Event

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At this private closed-door event for customers of SEO Sherpa, Perry Marshall reveals how to use 80:20 sales and marketing principles to win more customers without more work.

In this 70-minute presentation he covers:

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“Free Report” Reveals 10 Strategies To Get More Sales To Your Local Business In Torrance, Ca. 90503

“FREE REPORT REVEALS”… “Free Report” Reveals 10 Strategies To Get More Sales To Your Local Business In Torrance, Ca. 90503 and…



And are You prepared….





From the desk of:

Clinton Smith

Torrance, Ca. 90503

Time: 10:03 PST

Hello Friend,


Forget about the uncertainty of North Korea or what’s happening in Washington, and all the other factors of affecting your local business. Let’s focus on the simple local economic factors that can and likely will affect you and your business now and into the future.  


See. Like you I am a Local Business Owner and resident of Torrance. And this morning while sipping my coffee and reading the daily news business section I couldn’t help but notice the following headlines screaming back at me and what it could mean to the future state of local businesses like ours all over the South Bay.


Listen for yourself. See the headlines below. Straight out of the business section of the Daily Breeze.



  • Think gas is too expensive? Pump prices could get even higher in 2018…

  • Walmart closes dozens of Sam’s Club locations…

  • California is sitting on a surplus, but don’t expect a refund, taxpayers


  1. To buy or not to buy? New tax law creates uncertainty for some homebuyers

  2. Cheap wedding dress alert! Shuttered Alfred Angelo store in West Covina selling off inventory…


And that’s just some of the headlines. With California’s aggressive tax and spend environment, high rent payments in our area, you meeting your payroll budget, buying inventory, not to mention licensing and compliance. Gheez…


It all adds up to a pretty penny fast doesn’t it!


And, I’m just a simple man, not a fortune teller, but too me these headlines are signaling that consumers are going to have less discretionary income to spend in coming quarters, and the fear and uncertainty will make consumers spend less at your local business and you have bills to pay plus you want to make a profit and live a good life. I get it!


Therefore, it’s not a matter of “IF” a crisis will hit, but “When. And when the economy takes a hit will your business be prepared?


And so I wrote you this report to protect you from this Economic Enemy That Chews Up Less Prepared Entrepreneurs And Crushes Businesses Leaving Men and Women Weeping And Dismayed At Their Broken Businesses Dreams Left Shuttered in Its Terrible Wake!


And don’t get me started on the damage to the business climate caused by politicians on both sides of the aisle. It just seems it us against them everywhere you turn. Which means all the politicians first look out for their cronies and never the little guys like us, the entrepreneurs like you and me who spur on the economy giving people jobs and creating real value by helping others.  


And that quite frankly these politicians behaviors T me off to no end!


And Just a few months ago I read that the local restaurants right here in Torrance are really hurting with Toyota recently moving to Plano for better tax incentives and lower operating costs, and other large employers are considering and many already have realizing California is just too expensive to have a business in this state.

But, I love it here and I want to stay. And I’m assuming if you could get more customers, more sales, more repeat business, and not be a slave to your business, then you’d want to stay here too. The weather is mighty cold in New England this time of year.  


As I mentioned, I love our City and our local businesses which is why I’m writing this letter to you today. It’s very important that you read every word so you don’t get left out in the cold, with these cutting edge strategies I’ll be sharing with you in just a moment you’ll be able to secure your future in your market for years to come. But not yet.

First, with those ominous headlines alone…you’d likely agree that a rough ride can come at any minute, which is why you must prepare now in case of an economic downturn, or some unexpected curveball that can come your way at any minute.


Second, with tightening government regulations putting a stranglehold around business owners necks, doom and gloom, plus uncertainty the picture doesn’t look like it’s going to get any brighter any time soon.


Third, all of that’s true at least for the unfortunate business owners who fail to market their businesses properly (but more on that in a moment)…

Because you are one of the lucky few thousand businesses owners who are receiving this important letter today, and many of them will be too busy or distracted, or skeptical, or lazy to take any of the important information to do anything with it, even though I’m about to spill the beans on the secret to locking in clients, creating repeat business, and opening the floodgates of revenue you so rightly deserve…


First let me ask you a few hard questions if I may:


  • Are you suffering from less sales than you know is  possible and wondering how your business will survive in 2018?  
  • Do you ever lie awake at night, scared, unable to sleep, with a pit in your stomach because you’re worried about making payroll, paying the rent, not to mention inventory, taxes, and all the other bills?
  • Do you ever imagine the embarrassment you will have to endure with friends and family if your local business fails?
  • Are you looking at the foot traffic in your business and wondering how to make ends meet?
  • Are there certain nights where it looks like a ghost town in your store?
  • Does your store bring in enough revenue to clearly provide healthy profit margins every month for your local business?
  • Do you have a system to communicate to your customers and market offers to them on a consistent, trackable, basis?
  • Do you get to take time off whenever you want, never stressing about bills because you bring in so much money that rent will never be a problem?


If you answered yes or no to any or all of these questions then you will be very excited by this report and the secret strategies you’ll discover below…




But first a little bit about me. I’m a local father, faithful husband, and entrepreneur who like you set out into the world to be my own boss, and to help others, and to do something big while earning a nice living in the process.


Several years ago I tried to do everything right, because I was tired of being a wrench turning grease monkey working on generators, and I wanted to build a better life for my family. I was at the whim of an incompetent employer, was never home, and the harder I worked the less they appreciated my efforts.

So I decided to do what my parents taught me, go to school, get a degree and work your way up the chain of command. So with three young kids and a fast growing family, from my 2 bedroom apartment I went to school full time, while working a full time career, and taking care of my family.

In between, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, growing the business for my employer I went to school at Pepperdine on nights and on the weekends. I still remember it like it was yesterday although I graduated in 2009, because I would often work 20 hour days just to make ends meet.


I still remember the time I passed up a trip to go to Hawaii with my wife and kids because I had finals and working to keep a 3.8+ GPA. Man what an idiot I was, but we can’t look back now instead look forward to the future.


So when I finished my AA from El Camino, my Bachelor of Science in Business Management, an MBA in finance and marketing with honors back to back like the Lakers in their hay day, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, and thought I would finally be able to take care of my family and live a life of enjoyment and enjoying a much higher income.

So what happened next had me feeling like a deflated balloon, because as quickly as the graduation ceremony commenced I found myself staring at massive debt from student loans.


And to rub salt in the wound, my employer refused to give me a raise for two years in a row even though I was successfully running and growing their microturbine generator Field Service business profitably and managing virtual employees from home!

First on the West Coast until we were humming on all cylinders and across North America. I wanted to be with that company forever but several underhanded moves on their part caused me to venture out on my own. And since then I never looked back.


So I started a business online in 2013 making websites compatible with the mobile revolution, then I created digital products teaching people how to make money online, then I started running facebooks ads and got really good at delivering online traffic to websites that would convert into paying customers.

And I spent the last ten years perfecting every aspect of advertising, copywriting, traffic generation, and advanced marketing technologies and strategies that 99% of average business owners know nothing about…


In 2014 I made my first dollar online, and then went on to build a customer base of 500 clients from scratch in 48 hours using the exact methods I will share with you below.

Since then I have consulted with online and offline business owners hundreds of times and have made them literally hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and cost savings over that time. And I made a commitment to share these strategies with as many business owners as possible in 2018! And that’s why I created this report for YOU!!!


Without further ado, let’s dive in shall we…


Ten Powerful Easy To Implement Cutting Edge Business Strategies That Will Help You Dominate Your Market and Eliminate The Competition in 2018 and Beyond!


  1. Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Google, and more……(Social Selling is Big Business in 2018 but it’s too hard for the average business owner to manage properly which is why you must outsource this solution to see massive success)
  2. Automatic Sales Machine (AKA a website engineered to capture leads and follow up with clients on auto-pilot drawing them into your offerings like bees to honey….and most business owners are shocked to hear that we can setup a top notch system for You often for less than $500 dollars if you don’t even have a website yet. I know the last person who sold you told you it would be thousands of dollars for a static website that does nothing, but that’s just a lie, or incompetent people who don’t know what they’re doing yet)
  3. CRM SYSTEMS – Everyone knows it’s cheaper to retain good clients then going out and buying new ones, so customer service is essential for repeat business. Some CRM’s include, Hubspot, InsightlySaleForceZoho(and we have the single most cutting edge strategy you could ever imagine to turn your clients and customers into raving fans)
  4. Direct Mail Campaigns: Everyone thinks this is expensive, and it is if you don’t know how to buy remnant space Ads, if you don’t use and ad that converts (most of my clients happily pay me to do this because it’s what I do and they get a positive ROI)
  5. The Other Side of Social Selling: Pay Per Click Ads on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat .  Guess what? In case you  didn’t know FB is not just for envying friends on vacation, or staring at Cat Videos all day. In fact, all of the free stuff is paid for by advertisers who serve up highly targeted ads in your feed because social media is like big brother which is great for advertising.  (Did you know I can target the exact buyer and bring them into your store for $0.01 per click?) Imagine the avalanches of traffic you’ll get when you announce your next promotion to hyper targeted clone like targets of your hyper buyer…
  6. Word of Mouth marketing: Imagine what would happen if every one of your clients bragged about you to all of their friends and family and told them how much they liked your services, and what if they sent out a message to everyone today (could you handle the foot traffic you’ll soon be getting with what we will reveal with this one method alone?)
  7. Mobile Advertising:  in 2018 Space Aged Advanced Technologies exist that are stupid simple to use…and can make you a fortune as the unrivaled leader in your markets hedging your position for decades into the future…(we have an exclusive technology that you’re going to love. seriously, it’s the creme de le creme. The cat’s meow, because it targets your competitors clients on their mobile devices over and over again until they subconsciously find themselves suddenly buying your products instead) You definitely want in on this technology before your competition gets their hands on it.
  8. Email Marketing:  Collect Customer Details from your ads or on your website using this one simple 5 minute method and continue to market to your customers over and over and over again with your amazing offers! For email marketing you need an auto-responder and all of these listed work really well. MailchimpActiveCampaign, Aweber, Get Response, infusionsoft and more (most people screw this up, but it’s how I built a customer list of 500 clients in 48 hours we can do it for you next week!)
  9. Joint Ventures:  Imagine this. You own a Spirit and Wine Store in a strip mall next to a Pizza Shop. You both have email lists that we built, nurtured and cultivated for you. We come up with a brilliant idea to mail the pizza list a beer offer on Friday night and everyone who comes into the pizza shop is targeted with a discount on Beer! OR vice versa. Power in numbers baby! Boom. This is one of the most profitable methods I’ve ever used for my clients. “Co-Op Etition” How to get so-called competitors all around you to promote our products with glee in their eyes while you go trotting off to the bank to collect more money, and your customers love you for it!
  10. Top Secret Method:  This Tenth Method is the Most Powerful Method I’ve ever used and it skyrockets profits of practically any under performing business almost like magic overnight for every single business owner that’s used it. But, it’s almost too powerful for me to “just share” with anyone and their brothers. SO I reserve it for my clients. It uses advance persuasion tactics and skills that get people drooling over your offers (and in order for me to share it with you, you’ll have to schedule a free consultation with me so I can understand your business and to ensure we are on the same page before I unleash this strategy for you!)


Here’s what’s about to happen next as I write this letter…I’m going to go on a run on the beach, while you do this now…





Do Not fail to jump on this opportunity immediately as this exact letter is going out to hundreds of business owners in Torrance in a matter of days. And once my schedule is booked and I can’t reasonably take on clients that I can help. Then, you’ll be left in the cold and I don’t want to see that happen to you.


This is not some false scarcity tactic either, I’m just simply being honest and telling you I have a big heart, but can’t possibly help everyone. I refuse to compromise on customer service and will only take on a handful of clients at a time, and usually in non-competing niches.


So you better act fast if this letter resonates and you too want more sales than you can reasonably handle!


Signing off for now…




Clinton Smith


P.S. Most business owners get sizeable results with just one of my strategies when implemented properly. So Grab your FREE strategy consultation with me now by contacting my assistant below or by booking your special consultation here: https://calendly.com/clinton-s-smith


P.P.S. Why are you still reading this? 🙂  Don’t you realize half of the south bay signed up already….Seriously click on the link below to see if there are any spots left then  jump on it amigo if you want to avoid the Economic Bully That’ll Beat Up Less Prepared Businesses all over the South Bay..SIGN UP NOW



Clinton Smith


President/CEO Smith Publishing, Inc.


3 Ethical Non-Sleazy Ways To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With Your Local Business in Torrance…

3 Ethical And Non-Sleazy Ways To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You

Today We’ll Show you 3 Ethical And Non-Sleazy Ways To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With Your Local Business in Torrance

Imagine you were going on a date, and all you did was talk about yourself. Talked about all of your accomplishments, and jabbered on about all of your accolades.

Now your date, who was somewhat attracted in you at the beginning quickly senses this behavior and suddenly is repulsed by your very existence.

This is what happens to your clients when they visit Your webpage, and you have poor copy.

What is copy you might be asking?  Copywriting is the most valuable business skill you could ever develop and it is the ability to sell in print and language.

In fact, you can learn all you want about “funnels” and “traffic”, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Newspaper Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Email Marketing, literally everything under the Sun about the mechanics of sales, but without copy that converts you’re simply dead in the water…

But hey, that’s not what we are here to talk about today now are we, no! So, let’s save that little lesson for another day, shall we and let’s talk about the

3 Ethical And Non-Sleazy Ways To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With Your Local Business in Torrance…

STEP 1: Make It All About Them – Then OVER DELIVER!!!

The first thing you want to keep in mind when designing your website, or creating ads for your local business, or if you hire someone like us to do it, is that it’s all about them!!

What that means is that they don’t want a “better drill” they want a solution to put “holes in their walls”.

This is something I learned in 2006 and I have had to constantly improve on this over and over again.

How can you talk about them if you don’t know who they are?

If you are a Doctor, Dentist, Surgeon, or Professional of any type then you have a specialty most likely, and you serve a certain demographic of people.

This makes creating your copy so much easier and allows you to really drill down into their pains and pleasures to get your clients to do what is good for them.

And if that means becoming your client then by gawd it’s your duty to convert those visitors into clients and doing your American Duty to keeping your business in top shape!

So Make it all about Them – and then here’s the secret sauce to this first step, always, and I do mean always, make absolutely sure that – You OVER DELIVER!

STEP 2: Get Your Clients More Sales of Satisfy their desires

If you are in any type of business, then you are in the business of selling.

Whether you own a local Barber Shop, or a Restaurant, or a Rocket Design Company…

You are in the business of selling, your ideas, your services, your user experiences, and your clients want and need to get more utility and have more fun doing it!

More sales happen by one of two methods, either getting new clients or selling existing clients repeat items or new items that compliment their original purchase in some way….

For Example: When you walk into a McDonaldz and order a Burger they try to upsell you on Fries and a Drink, they actually in some cases take a loss on the leader…

Because they know they will make a profit on the back  end….and you can learn a lot from this model  In my opinion that’s how sales wraps up into step 3 coming up, but first let me mention..

From your very first sale and the journey along your customers experience you want your customer service experience to lead to what?

That’s right! Another sale, repeated like clockwork, and from there you want to squeeze out any excess unnecessary steps to increase the throughput of your operations to decrease costs.

This results in something called profit margin, which is your EBITDA or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization…And some of my online businesses run at very high profit margins, which is a very good thing, and that’s what we do for our clients is increase sales, while decreasing costs to increase their profit margins..pretty slick huh!

EBITDA = Net Profit + Interest +Taxes + Depreciation + Amortization

Step 3: Creating a Better Customer Service Experience, While Having Fun Doing It!

What can you do…..to create great customer experiences?  I want to direct you to an article by the Harvard Business Review…. which is located by clicking the link below and is entitled “Kick Ass Customer Service”…..all attributes and rights go to the HBR and

I want you  to read the article as a prelude to finishing this post….They do a good job, but there’s more to the story…..

First you can listen to your clients, and find out what they need.


Always sell them what they want, but give them what they need.

People don’t purchase logically, at least not for the most part, they buy emotionally and rationalize their behavior logically.

Social Selling, Customer Service, Analytics

One way to get feedback is to pay for feedback with a discounted coupon, or surveys, or here’s a very novel idea for you to engage clients through social media, pay attention to those negative reviews, and reward them with incentives to take actions that are advantageous to your business. Social media is a powerful tool for getting data on customers as well as advertising…In fact look at the number of users that are on major social media channels in 2017 according to Statista

Statistic: Most famous social network sites worldwide as of September 2017, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

(we can fix those for you by the way! Unless you are an unscrupulous business owner, then sorry you’re on your own;-)

Please be sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts about this post. Let me know what you want to hear about next..

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…If you are looking for a way to steal the hearts, minds, and souls of the customers from your competition, then comment below or give us a call.

We have some very advanced technology that serves ads to users on mobile devices, and then retargets them over and over again, in a very classy and stealth type of way.

And this will seep into their unconcious minds until one day in the near future they say, “Hey Honey, do you want to go checkout that new Italian place down the road, never even realizing you’ve been targeting them with ads all along.

And because you decided to hire I Need Local Marketing for all of your marketing needs you’ll have a system in place to do all 3 steps above, and you’ll create customers that fall in LOVE WITH YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS IN TORRANCE. CALL US TODAY OR DROP US AN EMAIL AT….

Call: #310-929-5808

Email: info@ineedlocalmarketing.com

Your New Customer Service Concierge!

Clinton Smith

Sources: accessed on 1/13/18 by CSS




Marketing your business online

Marketing your business online properly is important for today’s local business, but are you avoiding the pitfalls that most business owners are making?

While marketing your business online is an excellent strategy to get more leads, more sales, and better profitability, every day we see professionals like Attorneys, Dentists, Chiropractors, Surgeons, and brick and mortar businesses of all types wasting money because they don’t know one of the many strategies that could easily help them to accelerate their business easily and effortlessly, or they are using a strategy in the wrong way.

These are not the normal SEO, PPC, Blogging strategies that everyone else is using.  These are not the normal email marketing, and web marketing strategies you are used to seeing either. We are talking about totally different strategies than what you might have seen before – that work!

Although, those web marketing strategies definitely work. In order to keep from wasting money using these strategies there is a very specific framework you need for your website and business that allows for profitable, sustainable exponential business growth.

If you want to learn these unconventional strategies then call us today at 310-929-5808 or email us at info@ineedlocalmarketing.com.