Building a Better Entrepreneur at Joe Polish’s Genius Network Annual Event

Building a Better Entrepreneur at Joe Polish’s Genius Network Annual Event. To learn more about Genius Network® click here:

Do the people around you consider you insane? Whether it’s family, friends, or your team, do people fail to understand your work ethic, commitment, drive, and desire? Are you around more admirers than achievers? Do the people around you support you in staying the same or challenge you to do more, be more, and stretch yourself? Have you advanced beyond your network and circle of friends? You’re already successful, but are you always the smartest person in nearly every room you walk into. If so, it’s time for you to join other like-minded experts!

At the Genius Network®️ Annual Event you’ll gain access to strategy, wisdom, collaboration, contribution, and connections not available anywhere else that will exponentially grow your business.

We only open up a Genius Network®️ Event to the public once a year and give non-Members the opportunity to experience the group. Genius Network®️ Members pay $25K per year to be in the group and gain all Member benefits, including free admission into the Annual Event. The non-Member tuition is $10k per person. Seating is limited. Last year’s event sold out and we had a waiting list of over 60 people!

If You Are Interested In Participating In Genius Network®️ Please Submit An Application at ~ Genius Network®️ is limited to the smartest and most successful Entrepreneurs in the world. Applicants are carefully selected to ensure the overall success and benefits of the group and to make sure it is a right fit for both of us.


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