Why is a 35 Step “Common Sense” Survival Guide For You and Your Business even needed right now? That is the question, and is this Global Hysteria even warranted right NOW, yes or no? And is our government lying to us?

Read this article in it’s entirety below. Right now. Then you decide.

Here were are March, 28th, getting deeper into the Caronavirus lockdown situation. Last night, Leroy Brown declared beaches closed, and travel limited to a small number of people for essential purpose only.

And I kind of get it. Sort of. But not really. No. Actually, I don’t. And quite frankly I am starting to think that this whole thing is smelling a little fishy, and a lot like Bull Sh*T!

Hear me out at least before we debate or you just shut down your mind and immediately disagree. Let me ask you one question.

When in history have Americans given up all of their rights so easily including their livelihood and given all control they have to the ALL MIGHTY government without even batting an eyelash?

Most everyone I have spoken too, is taking everything they are hearing and seeing at 100% face value.

Every government announcement. Every scary news article headline. Every horror story that usually seems to be missing some of the most pertinent details like (prior conditions) which could have contributed or led to fatalities and complications, but this articles seem to gloss over those facts while painting on the hysteria very thick.

And the majority of those same people who believe everything they’re being told, would never think that our own government might do something against it’s own people.

So obviously it is global Pandemic so that would mean global governments operating in concert and colluding who have unilaterally implemented quarantines and bans from doing the most basic things including going to the beach for the “safety” of the world.

And same pundits have the media and individual citizens promoting that if you keep your business open, or if you go to the beach, that you are a shameful, reckless, careless person that is unwilling to sacrifice for the betterment of the whole. Therefore, you are reckless, dangerous, and selfish.

Killing individualism in one fell swoop even shaming them on social media and encouraging neighbors, family and others to do the same. To shame others who are not “obeying” every stupid rule that the government is shoving down our throats, including sweeping legislation designed to give the government even more control, while stripping more rights from the average citizens is downright dangerous.

In some ways, it’s looking more and more like communism every day! Here in the Good Ol land of the U. S of Aaaaa.

Like this…fresh off the Ocean Breezes of Hawaii we have this little Gem of a headline that reads…

Now. I have said from the beginning that I thought a short duration 4-6 week shut-down might be a smart move to prevent this Pandemic becoming even worse and wiping out more people.

So please don’t think I am discounting the threat of the Caronavirus. On the contrary, in fact, I might even have it, since I have been experiencing hot flashes and cold chills, head, body, and everything aches. Stomach issues. Extreme lethargy. Dry cough. Shortness of breath, And easily getting wiped out like feeling better, then take out the trash and feel completely like trash again.

Literally, feels like I’ve been experiencing everything except for a severe fever. Personally I think it is just a flu, but it might be something else.

And I’ve been sick for about the last 10 days. Primarily in quarantine and away from my family for the last 3-4 days because they have been the worst.

And I started to increase my uptake of the following stack of vitamins, including Vitamin D, NAC, and Glutothionine.

Anywhoo with that being said, I have still also been concerned, about the economic impact and the severe pain that this will bring to small business owners, larger businesses, and the entire global economy for one.

But that’s not the only thing that lies in the juxtaposition of mandatory quarantine and government takeover of our unalienable rights versus control over this Global Killer Pandemic.

Just like that the sheep of America have allowed the virus pandemic scare to literally start turning people into Mcarthyesque versions of evil spies and crybabies who believe everything they read in the news, or that the “ALL MIGHTY” Elite who run the government are telling them the truth.

So they are calling the cops on their neighbors for coughing, or public shaming them on the neighbors app because of these people’s “selfish behavior”.

I’m not saying that people aren’t dying. I believe they absolutely are. I am also NOT saying that this pandemic and mandatory quarantine to control it, are not necessary. But what I am saying is that at some point we have to face the music, take some controlled risk, and actually restart the economy before it’s too late.

And Before the government enacts martial law and goverment takeover of enterprise and control of our minds and emotions to save us from this “Horrifying Global Pandemic”.

Let’s talk some numbers

According to the Johns Hopkins live update map below there have been approximately 122,626 cases so far in the US. Which IS in fact a LARGE jump from when I checked it just this morning at 105,000 confirmed cases.

But let’s talk about deaths!

So far in the US the number of deaths of the 122,000 “confirmed” cases (this is important so remember that, these are confirmed cases, which the number of infected is undoubtedly higher already, perhaps double, or triple, or who knows, so let’s just use the factual numbers being reported. And in the USA alone there have been a total of 2,227 people.

Obviously if this is someone you know then even 1 is too many, but remember we are comparing the decision of shutting down the entire global economy and creating immense irreparable new world disorderish sweeping changes. I’ll get more into that in a minute.

But remember this first, out of 122,000 infections, there have been 2,227 deaths. So let’s do some very simple math on this to see what it shows.

Taking 2,227 divided by 122,000 infections gives us this fraction. Which when converted to a decimal, multiplying by the negative 1 to get a positive number we still see a 98.17459% chance that you will not die from the Caronavirus alone, or at least not yet.

This number could change. We’re keeping an eye on it. So we don’t want to screw around with the virus, but the hysteria of this passing from person to person in some crazy unique type of way doesn’t seem to be supported by the numbers. In other words, practicing the same health practices as if you have the flu should be enough in most cases.

The actual confirmed deaths in the USA alone, remember we are only talking about the USA at the moment to gauge the probability of death from the Caronavirus based off of existing real time world data that is admittedly changing quickly. But currently your survival rate using Math is actually a very high probability of surviving even if what I have is Caronavirus.

So let’s take this simple math one step further. According to the US Census bureau, there are approximately 314,000,000 Million people in the USA.

So taking the reported deaths of 2,227 people, divided by the number of people reported to be in the USA of 314 Million people we can get the following equation.

This is the percentage of people in the US that have died from Caronavirus and it is less than 0.1% so far even with today’s uptick in deaths.

You have a 99.96% chance of never even catching the virus.

2227/314,000,000 = 0.999992907 = or 99.9992907 % chance of surviving if you get Caronavirus, and you only have a 122,000/314,000,000 = of ever actually contracting the virus at all 0.99961146 = 99.961114 % chance that you will not even catch the virus.

Again, these numbers are changing and any death is too many, but should we be destroying the entire global economy and if so for HOW LONG? And to what ENDS to justify the means to our liberty and common sense.

So in other words you have a 99. 96 percent chance of not getting Caronavirus and a 99.999 percent chance you will survive if you do.

See why something seems amiss from what the actions and hysteria in the marketplace are indicating?

By the way, what else is the media and the government not telling us about the action they are taking to “protect us” from this “scary” global pandemic?

How about this one little change to the Federal Reserve built into the Caronavirus relief bill, which sets monetary policy for the US primarily and thus controls the global money supply. Even Bloomberg news is talking about this economic versus pandemic debate.

The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease!


So what does all this mean exactly. Well one, I hope you see that the scare tactics are just that and for what reason, I’m not quite sure I am ready to reveal my theories yet. But I do believe a few things that I hope to prove in coming days that might shock some people.

Second, I hope you realize there is help out there and if you use common sense we can likely avoid the virus.

Third, if you do happen to get the virus it is not a death sentence by any means.

Finally, if you read this far, even though things are blown out of proportion, we are in between a rock and a hard place until either the pandemic is contained or the strain on the economic system is too much.

Either way we need to start questioning things and understand the government is not out to take our best interests to heart. But, I on the other hand am an average Joe, with military training and martial arts training, who wants to share what I have learned with as many people as possible.

With that, I’ll end by saying belief in a higher power is something that I will always give as a credit to overcoming insurmountable challenges. And I hope you’ll remember that too so it can give you the confidence and wisdom to see the truth.

Peace out for now. Be safe out there!

Signing off for now!

Clinton Smith

Attention: These Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Action. Now! Here’s the best way I know to Help You?

It doesn’t matter if you were recently laid off, are currently working remotely, or a business owner that’s struggling to survive. I can help you and I want to do it. For Free. Read on.

It goes without saying that what we all are experiencing is pretty much a Black Swan event. If you are unaware of Black Swan theory you can reference investopedia.com to get a quick understanding of what it is.

I’ve taken a snippet of that below, to give you a quick overview.

“Black Swan

By JIM CHAPPELOW Reviewed By GORDON SCOTT  Updated Mar 11, 2020

What is a Black Swan?

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.


  • A black swan is an extremely rare event with severe consequences. It cannot be predicted beforehand, though many claim it should be predictable after the fact.
  • Black swan events can cause catastrophic damage to an economy, and because they cannot be predicted, can only be prepared for by building robust systems.
  • Reliance on standard forecasting tools can both fail to predict and potentially increase vulnerability to black swans by propagating risk and offering false security.

Understanding a Black Swan

The term was popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a finance professor, writer, and former Wall Street trader. Taleb wrote about the idea of a black swan event in a 2007 book prior to the events of the 2008 financial crisis.


So the main takeaways are extremely rare event, that the masses never saw coming, but in hindsight, it seems we should have been prepared for it.

What’s interesting is that the Bill Gates foundation has been studying caronavirus for the better part of a half a decade.

He spoke of the epidemic threat at that time as being a huge threat that we were unprepared to handle.

Regardless, it goes without saying, we are entering into the deep end of the ocean with what will happen around the world with global markets, shifts in wealth, pain in the marketplace, pain in people’s lives, and a restructuring of the entire World Order that we have enjoyed for decades.

A New World Order is being set as we speak. And if you are curious to know what types of things we might expect to see, we might look to see what has happened in the past.

Not necessarily in our life times, but the less distant past. In fact Ray Dalio, has put out a fine article on the subject which you can reference below on Linkedin.


Who is Ray Dalio?

Ray Dalio is the CEO and Founder of Bridgewater Associates, which is one of the most successful hedge funds and he is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in our life time.

Here is the brief description for Mr. Dalio’s Linkedin Profile:

“Ray Dalio is the founder, co-Chief Investment Officer and co-Chairman of Bridgewater Associates, which is a global macro investment firm and is the world’s largest hedge fund. He’s also the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Principles: Life and Work. He is known to have a very practical understanding of economics that is very different from conventional economic thinking that he spells out in his video series “How the Economic Machine Works”.

Anyway, hang in there, because I’m going to get to the part about what this all means for you and your business and what I see as an opportunity to help others navigate the new normal work from home environment, and putting people back to work, and helping businesses stay on their feet.

How The Economy Works! By Ray Dalio.

President Donald Trump was Right?

Whether you despise Donald Trump with all of your being, or if you love him with all of your heart, there is no doubt he is a polarizing entity.

But one thing, that I know President Donald Trump was right about, is that there will severe pain, untold economic losses, and panic if we don’t get the global economy restarted again – and it NEEDS to HAPPEN FAST!!!

Here’s why! The Global Economy that we have all enjoyed and in many ways take for granted, has been speeding up for years and years, and one might say over a decade, since the last Great Recession in 2007.

Imagine Freight Train. It doesn’t start and stop on a dime. Or imagine a large power plant. Some times these things take time to get started.

For operations like that it could be hours, days, or weeks. Well, the economy is the exact same way.

Except, it could take years to get it going again in full force.

What does that mean? For employees who have suddenly found themselves out of work. Or for business owners who are now suddenly struggling to survive. In some cases, it literally means LIFE or DEATH!

And I hate to be so blunt about it, but that is the reason for writing this post today. I’ll admit I’m scared for the world. We’ve all been blessed. I have worked from home for the last 20 years. I have run businesses that help small business owners, and it is the reason why I started this blog almost 4 years ago.

It was to help small business owners because they are literally the fuel to the economy. Small business owners are the hero’s of America and the World in many ways.

They take risk, they work 15-24 hours a day, and they climb over insurmountable obstacles to live the life of their dreams!

And as I sit here writing this I am literally moved to tears thinking about all of the people that could be affected and are being affected right now.

And I have been thinking about the things we could do to help unemployed people, and those who are “luckily” still employed, but for how long is anyone’s guess, and small business owners.

Of course, all kinds of doubts crept into my head, like; what do I have to offer others? Why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say? Who are you to be giving people advice? And on, and on it has gone in my head the last few days.

Well last night I had an epiphany. Businesses need help right now. The world is going to shift into overdrive into an online economy and everyone needs to be prepared.

If you have a job, how long it lasts right now is up in the air. There will be MAJOR structural changes to the economy.

Dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t!

One problem is that we are literally stuck between a rock and a hard place because if we don’t restart the global economy, every second is a mile deeper into a deep hole, of underemployment skyrocketing defaults on debt, small mom and pop shops failing, and then large businesses, bail outs and the domino affect that never ends well unless you are either a Billionaire, Politician or in Charge of a Large Bank or Fortune 500 corporation!

The average working folks, and small business owners, even businesses doing less than $50 Million a year, don’t enjoy much from these bail outs and suffer as a result of these disasters.

And even though the Fed is lowering interest rates and dumping Trillions of dollars into the economy, it will be hardly enough to sustain. Plus, how long can low interest be sustained, and what do negative interest rates do to the economy.

Those who are less familiar with how the economy typically works. It goes something like this.

The Federal Reserve meets and discussed the economy on a regular basis and has emergency meetings when things like this happen in the economy.

Figure uses a pyramid of graphics to describe the Federal Reserve System. Top level: There is 1 U.S. Central Bank: the Federal Reserve System. Second level: The 3 Key Entities of the Federal Reserve System: Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 12 Federal Reserve Banks, and the Federal Open Market Committee. Third level: The 5 Key Functions of the Federal Reserve System: conducting the nation's monetary policy, helping maintain the stability of the financial system, supervising and regulating financial institutions, fostering payment and settlement system safety and efficiency, and promoting consumer protection and community development.

There are 12 banks that report the the Central Bank positioned around the US who report on their regions.

The Federal Reserve then determines how high interest rates should be for the loans they provide to the other Regional Banks, who in turn lend money out to the other regional banks, and dependent on the the “Reserve Ratio” these banks lend money out to businesses, and people.

The interest rate that the Federal Reserve offers to the regional Reserve Banks is the lowest rate possible and is tracked by the LIBOR.

As you can see some rates are already into Negative territory. And banks make their money by lending money at one interest rate, and then charging higher risk based interest to subsequent lenders. That is why someone with a 580 credit score might get a 14% interest rate and a $650 dollar a month payment, whereas someone with a 720 credit score might get a 3.5% interest rate and $350 dollar a month payments – on the same Car!

It’s because every layer down the line of lending is based of of creditworthiness and risk and those interest rates that lenders charge go higher as risk goes up.

On the other hand, if we end the quarantine too early and re-start the global economy too early we risk more deaths, sickness, and families being destroyed.

So what can we do right now to help out all of the folks in the same boat! Those like you and I who are in this together, and the only way I see as a way out is to provide guidance, help and sharing knowledge as best we can.

3 Type of Folks I know I can help now! Employees, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, and those who are suddenly finding themselves unemployed due to COVID-19!

So here is what I would like to do if others agree? I would like to start offering tips and tricks to accelerate your abilities to kick ass working from home. If that is for a company and you are still employed then great, maybe you weren’t used to working from home before and you might be struggling with how to balance it all, the kids, the dogs, the wife, the neighbors, the solicitors,

Perhaps you are struggling with technology (Make no Mistake that employees are being judged and politics are occurring even though no one is in the office) and if you can’t work your new Zoom account then you will be judge negatively.

If your microphone sucks then you will be perceived as incompetent. Luckily I have worked from home for the last 20 years for fortune 500 corporations, startups, and technology companies such as Honeywell, Ingersoll Rand, Evandtec, and FuelCell Energy.

I have excelled at my work, have been promoted up the chain, have recruited, coached and trained, and developed remote teams to success in Business Development, Customer Service, and Field Service Leadership roles both Nationally and Internationally.

And I can help you do the same. Whether you are a Manager, Remote worker, or employee I can help with this here.

Second, Let’s Talk about Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you own a Restaurant, are a Dentist, Plumber, Plastic Surgeon, or any type of Professional then you are probably wondering how you can whether this storm.

Let me tell you, if you haven’t embraced digital technology yet, then NOW is the time. Do not delay. Contact all of your customers right away. Stay in touch. Be there for them. Be a voice of reason during the insanity.

Look to pivot your business. To what I am calling the digital revolution. How can you transition what you do to an online or alternate business.

For example, the gin manufacturer that just became a hand sanitizer company overnight. Literally everyone is doing whatever they can to help!

Or the restaurant who suddenly offers free delivery but keeps the kitchen flowing. Right now there are serious supply side issues, and other factors that can still prevent folks from doing these things, but making the shift right now is critical


If you own a small business then you should have a website, a capture page, an email marketing system.

You can be leveraging social media, broadcast for Free to your audiences, and I can show you how to do these things. Like how to use keywords to conduct deep searches and find people in your area.

You can have landing pages, and advertising that in some cases costs pennies on the dollar as opposed to the thousands of dollars you were spending before.

You need a website that is fast, high performing, and can accept orders directly from your website.

And we can help you there.

What about people that are unemployed how can we help them?

There are literally thousands of businesses in your area, or if you have a computer you can literally find thousands of businesses in any niche using boolean keyword search terms in Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and elsewhere.

These businesses need our help more than ever. And in some cases they can’t afford much right now, And for those who are unemployed neither can you.

So here is what i am prepared to do to help with this and I am calling it the Digital Revolution. I am going to offer to make as many landing pages and digital assets as demand requires. And I will do the work up front for FREE for people that are unemployed.

You can simply give these to businesses for Free and get a piece of the profit for any upsells that I perform. What that means is, you have a landing page that you can give away all over the place.

I will then contact those business owners to see what I can do to help them immediately. For example, maybe someone needs financing but doesn’t realize they can qualify for SBA relief, we can point them to that. Like below. But certain circumstances call for different prescriptions, or maybe a business is finally ready to build their website. Then we can offer an affordable, lightning fast website to them and if they purchase that you get a piece of the pie. Just for giving it away.

If you are a Kick Ass Saleperson then this is for you. Because you will not be timid or shy when contacting businesses who might need help.

So what types of Assets and Services can my company provide?

For now we an offer super fast ultra clean and high converting websites, landing pages, webpages, ad designs, and more.

We can offer Video Sales letters, whiteboard animation videos to tell your new story and more along these lines.

We can offer digital marketing and work from home training. If you have a list or an audience perhaps you would like for us to present to them and offer this free training for portion of future profits or just to help others. The ideas are limitless here.

We can also offer copywriting services. I have a stable of niche specific copywriters that are prepared to step up and help where needed, and if you are a copywriter then maybe now is your time to shine by contacting me to see if we can put you to work.

Finally, to all of you out there who have been so kind as to read my longest blog post to date I want to leave you with the following.

Don’t panic. Stay calm. It will get better eventually. We all have each other, and we have our mind and our resources. And community.

Here is a guide I prepared a few days ago that I want to share. This is a bulletized quick read. It takes some of the best survival tips I learned as US Marine, and it take some of the survival tips I’ve learned in internet marketing and it is succinctly put into a 35 step guide.

The second resource I want to offer is from what some have called the Godfather of nternet marketing and is someone whom I admire and trust and I wanted to make sure you heard this as well to help you.

I was panicked earlier this week because I just so happened to get THE FLU! and naturally I thought maybe it was COVID-19. It is a nasty knock you on your butt type of flu that I have, but at least I no longer THINK it is the SARS 2 as it is being called or COVID-19.

Lastly, I wanted to offer a list of our work, the types of services that can be sold, and the types of services we can offer to help small businesses.

Maybe you start to realize you need videos that tell your story better and keep visitors engaged with your website, videos like these:

We made this for an author and world class copywriter named Richard Armstrong when he was launching his book last year and he put it on his landing page to increase engagement and stick rate, plus tell a quick in under a minute!

Or perhaps one of these that we did for Bob Bly another world class copywriter and mentor of mine. His Copy writing is arguably some of the best in the world. He has written for companies similar to the one’s I have worked for but he did their copywriting, companies like GE, Honeywell, Siemens and more.

Anyway, he said these videos helped to increase HIS conversions on his pages by another 20% – that’s huge, and that’s the power of this technology!

You can read more about Bob Bly below from his webpage:


While you are there you can also see that we are on his recommended vendors list also on his website under the video production category simply click the image below hit “control+F” on your keyboard and type ineedlocal and our information pops up.

Our phone number has changed but still the same company after 4 years, just more advanced and evolved!


Or perhaps you need High converting landing pages and websites, funnels and other digital marketing assets that can be made quickly, easily, and relatively cheap, which results in a higher ROI for business owners.

For example landing pages and funnels like these for authors. Click on the images to see the funnel in action.

Or perhaps your business would be better suited for something like this one for Dentists. Click the image to see it in action.

Or this one. Click the image to see it in action. Click the video to get the vibes!

Or perhaps you are a Restaurant owner how about this? Click below to see it in action.

Or maybe you Have Already pivoted or have always had an online offer like this. And maybe you simply need email marketing services which we can help with that to generate more sales in your funnel.

Or perhaps you have a travel business https://pagedyno.net/l.php?p=518-648-0-0and you need something like this!

My Team is well prepared to use any of the following tools to build you a beautiful high converting website, funnel, landing page or sales follow up system.

Or themes like these!

We are also well-versed in auto-responders and email marketing having built dozens and dozens of pages and systems for ourselves and clients using systems email marketing systems such as this!

I have personally used everyone of the resources I am mentioning to you today. For those who are new and don’t know me well. My Name is Clinton Smith. I have an MBA in finance and marketing after graduating from Pepperdine in 2009 with honors in finance and marketing.

I also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management also from Pepperdine and graduate at the top of my class more as a result of my superior work ethic rather than superior intelligence.

And I have been an entrepreneur for over 14 years. I have created digital products that teach online marketing strategies that have helped me to:

Build a Linkedin database of 23,000 direct connections on autopilot.

I started my first blog in 2006 called FreeMarketGrip in the midst of the great recession of 2007. I just so happened to be going through the MBA program at the time of the global collase and started blogging about the day by day blows in the marketplace and theory versus reality where I was learning from my Professors about upcoming events. They are active hedge fund managers.

That blog never got the traction I was looking for, but to be honest I was working full time at Ingersoll-Rand, remotely, while the company was headquartered on the East Coast. And I was managing a start up micro-turbine generator division with travel, and was eventually promoted to North American Field Service Manager at the time. I was also going to school full time (10 unit trimesters at Pepperdine) for three straight years without breaks. And I had three young kids under the age of 5 years old. So I really didn’t have a lot of time to spend promoting or anything. What I did get out of it was the knowledge of building an RSS Fed keyword based blog with social channels that would drip feed content into the world. This helped me get 17,000 Twitter followers on auto-pilot.

Later I went on to start another company, still working full time for a water treatment technology startup. This was a GE financed operation and their field service team was in bad shape. They hired me to come in and turn things around as their Global Director of Field Service Operations. I moved from LA to Texas when I took the job. The company was located in Toronto, Canada. But I was still able to build a website and business to help small business owners locally by converting their websites into mobile friendly sites instead.

This was right before Google did the mobile slap down in 2014ish and I was doing this a couple of years prior. That company was called 1ezmobile.com.

Later I started this business because I was getting more and more clients and more exprience and could offer more services and so I retired 1ezmobile and started this blog called www.ineedlocalmarketing.com

And we started to offer facebook business page setups and fb advertising management. And social media management services to generate more sales.

As I continued to educated myself and hone my skills I started to learn everything I could and training my staff with processes and procedures that allowed us to streamline and scale and conduct quality control standards.

Since then I have been involved with Multi-Million dollar Joint Ventures, and all kinds of things in between. All while working full time, with kids, with travel, and still staying in shape, working out every day, etc.

And I know you can do this too. If any of this sounds like something that interests you then here’s what to do next:

Book a call with Clinton so we can understand your situation:


Book a turbo call with me so we can determine if you are an Employee who needs help navigating the work from home terrain or you want to make money from the internet helping others.

Or if you are a recently unemployed individual who needs to earn a living and wants to emerge out of this better than before working from home like me, then book a call.


Or if you are a Business Owner or Company that is ready to maximize and revolutionize your business, first by surviving, and then by thriving then book a call with me NOW!


That’s all I have got for now. This post has ended up being one of my longest one’s yet. I do hope you enjoyed it.

Stay healthy and safe!

Kind regards,
Clinton Smith


CEO and President


Smith Publishing, Inc.

P.S. I almost forgot three free resources I wanted to give you that have been beneficial to me and I think can help you too: (1) my Small Business Guide, (2) Ken McCarthy’s voice of reason and Caronavirus assessment (thing’s might not be as bad as it seems, and (3) is a report done by Joe Polish’s doctor that I found super helpful. You can grab each of those for Free below.


By Ken McCarthy


Joe Polish Genius Network

How to practice mind-body medicine in 20 minutes by Dr Pratima Singh | PHC Conference 2019

Filmed at the Public Health Collaboration Conference 2019 at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.

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Business Advice to Survive and Thrive the Coronavirus Crisis

Let’s address the Elephant in the room: The Coronavirus Crisis
First, for your health and the greater good, please review this website about how to behave in this difficult environment. (sorry for the “f” word!) Second, it’s time to act, communicate, and think as leaders. So that you can explain the seriousness of the situation to your team & family. You need to show them you are the Captain of the ship here, and that your complete focus is on guiding the ship to safety.

Being an entrepreneur comes with great reward in good times, and even greater responsibility at ALL times. And there’s never been a time like right now.

Here’s what you need to do, as Rob Hanly said in his Corona Virus special training on Friday.

Explain the top 1-3 company goals for the next 90 days.
Describe how you’ll measure achievement of this objective.
Detail the strategies that will support success.
Outline the specific tactics that will accomplish the strategies.

What I’m Doing in My Businesses
Webinar Emphasis:

Informational Products
Online Events & Summits
Teaching Remote Workspace Leadership
YouTube Ad Revenue

Listen, this is real. We’ll all have to make some changes – and many will be forced upon us. That’s because – as much as we want to avoid getting sick – we also have a responsibility to the broader community.

While you and I are young and healthy, we can’t say the same for all of those that we love. And the more we prevent ourselves from getting sick, the more we prevent the at-risk population from getting sick.

When you’re prepared, you’ll be able to help your neighbors and come to their aid if necessary.
As my friend, Matt said, “Nobody knows how bad it’ll get. But it will have consequences for everyone. Everybody wants to make a difference in life. This is your opportunity to do it.” Please start taking reasonable precautions. The more you prepare and avoid the disease, the better off everyone will be. But the window for preparation is almost over. You’ve got to act fast, but without panicking.


Craig Ballantyne is the premier coach for high-performing entrepreneurs and executives looking triple their productivity, increase their impact, achieve work life balance, and live their Perfect Life.

After building multiple 7-figure businesses himself, Craig has gone on to help hundreds of clients grow multi-million dollar businesses and sell over $500,000,000 worth of products and services. He’s also helped transform their health, save dying marriages, and revolutionize their lives from the inside out.

His raw, no-nonsense coaching style and actionable strategies have helped clients like Joe Polish, Shanda Sumpter, Sharran Srivatsaa, Joel Marion, Isabel Price, and Bedros Keuilian build the life of their dreams while working less… And I promise, he can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to stop settling, step up to the plate, and finally create the life of your dreams, just click below to learn how Craig can help YOU live your Perfect Life.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realcraigballantyne/
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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/early-to-rise/?viewAsMember=true
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBQyeL63OdkONi5PBDY8Cg?view_as=subscriber

Why Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Comment below!


Craig Ballantyne is the premier coach for high-performing entrepreneurs and executives looking triple their productivity, increase their impact, achieve work life balance, and live their Perfect Life.

After building multiple 7-figure businesses himself, Craig has gone on to help hundreds of clients grow multi-million dollar businesses and sell over $500,000,000 worth of products and services. He’s also helped transform their health, save dying marriages, and revolutionize their lives from the inside out.

His raw, no-nonsense coaching style and actionable strategies have helped clients like Joe Polish, Shanda Sumpter, Sharran Srivatsaa, Joel Marion, Isabel Price, and Bedros Keuilian build the life of their dreams while working less… And I promise, he can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to stop settling, step up to the plate, and finally create the life of your dreams, just click below to learn how Craig can help YOU live your Perfect Life.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realcraigballantyne/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CraigBallantyneFanpage/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/early-to-rise/?viewAsMember=true
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBQyeL63OdkONi5PBDY8Cg?view_as=subscriber

Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz has had two careers. The first spanned 34 years as a force behind Boardroom Inc., an iconic publisher and direct marketer. During that time, he was mentored by, and worked with, a who’s who of marketing legends (who he owes everything to). And more specifically, he worked side-by-side with the most prolific copywriters who have ever lived.

His second career, which he is five years into as the Founder of Titans Marketing, is a direct marketing educational and coaching company where he has also continued working with the best-of-the-best. Titans Marketing is known for two (soon to be three) mastermind groups, an array of classic books and swipe files Brian has re-published and created…and he is the author of two books himself.

As a business-to-consumer marketer at Boardroom, Brian was responsible for selling over a billion dollars’ worth of products “$39 at a time” to millions. As a business-to-business marketer with Titans Marketing, he has sold over $5 million worth of products (and services) to thousands, enabling them to spread the gospel about direct marketing to millions.

During both careers, he has been a serial direct marketer, with a foundation in the eternal truths and fundamentals of direct response…while being committed to “overdelivering” over almost four decades.

UPDATE: How we as Spartans will overcome this COVID-19 crisis |STRONG, SAFE, PRODUCTIVE & POSITIVE!

Obstacle immunity is a credo of this community and together we will adapt and overcome! Now more than ever we need to be positive and beacons to those around us. We must be solution focused and not fall into the traps of fear. You’ve got this Spartans. Together we are Spartan Strong and will overcome this invisible obstacle. Now is the time to be of service and retrain yourself in the new skills needed.

In this special episode we will hear advice from 10 EXPERTS in medicine, mindset, food, business, community preparedness and mindfulness. To the Spartan Community, globally we are facing an obstacle like never before and never has it been more important to remember and implement all the resiliency lessons we have learned over the five years of doing this podcast. In this special episode we check back in with experts across the fields of physical, mental and medical wellness to give you the best tools for your toolbox to accept and adapt to this challenge. The overarching message is to stay informed, but still stay productive!
These experts have excellent advice that will give you great strategies to implement a healthy and productive response to this pandemic.

Don’t be scared, be prepared! And don’t forget to breathe!

Dr. Paul Kilgore – Infectious Disease specialist // Medical info for Spartans
Joe Polish – founder Genius Network & Genius Recovery // 4 tools to stay balanced + book recommendations
Corinna Coffin – Spartan Pro Athlete & Registered Dietician // Easy healthy recipes you can make even if you have limited access to ingredients.
Dr. Stephen Cabral – Board-certified doctor of Naturopathy // De-stress protocol
Nada Milosavljevic MD // Immunity boosters
Jesse Levin – Founder of Tactivate // Community action & the Readiness Collective
Zach Even-Esh – Underground Strength // workouts anywhere
Lonnie Mayne – Red Shoes Living // putting things in a positive light
Amy Swift Crosby – Co-Founder Body Squad and Host of State of the Universe // Suggestions for Small Businesses navigating a Complicated Time
Johnny Waite – Spartan Up co-host // What’s Next?

Stay Strong. Stay Positive & Wash Those Hands!


Dr. Paul Kilgore http://quantitative-health.com/
Genius Recovery https://geniusrecovery.org/
Corinna Coffin https://www.instagram.com/cscoffin13
Dr Nada mentioned these episodes
ZINC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBseaQTBh3E&t=84s
Natural Treatments to Boost Immunity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8mCc5nwcyE&t=3s
Dr. Stephen Cabral https://stephencabral.com
Jesse Levin – Tactivate https://www.tactivate.com/
Zach Even-Esh https://www.instagram.com/zevenesh/
Lonnie Mayne https://lonniemayne.com/
Amy Swift Crosby http://www.smartypeople.com/

Stay Strong. Stay Positive & Wash Those Hands!

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Host: Joe De Sena, Colonel Nye, Dr. Johnny Waite & Sefra Alexandra are doing immunity burpees & washing their hands 🙂
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress
Production Assistant – Andrea Hagarty

© 2020 Spartan

How Life Insurance Policy Loans Work / Wealth Labs Podcast with Garrett Gunderson

There is a lot of misinformation in the world around various types of life insurance policies. Today, I have brought on Tim Cardon to navigate the waters of the elusive Universal Life Policy and give you some clarity on what types of Life Insurance you should be looking at.

Time Stamps:
1:02 – When you say pay yourself interest when loaning yourself money from your policy, you mean your whole life policy?
2:35 – Garrett’s Experience with a variable universal life policy
3:10 – How Variable Universal Life works
6:50 – The origin of Universal Life Policies
11:42 – Why most whole life policies aren’t a great option
14:42 – Recommendation when getting life insurance
15:15 – Why Whole Life Insurance is one of the best savings strategies available

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Garrett is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling personal finance book Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity.

He is the Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of the Inc. 500 firm, Wealth Factory. A regular on ABC’s Good Money, he has been on Fox, CNBC, as well as hundreds of radio interviews, and is a contributor for Forbes. Garrett is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences. He lives in Salt Lake City.

Garrett has also been interviewed by some of the greats in the personal development space like Hal Elrod, Robert Kiyosaki, Ryan Moran at the Capitalism Conference, Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach, the Mindvalley Podcast, Project Life Mastery with Stefan James, Joe Polish of Genius Network, Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, The Science of Flipping with Justin Colby, The How of Business, and many more!

If you want to build sustainable wealth, increase your monthly cash flow and enjoy economic independence without using budgets, cutbacks, limiting your lifestyle or adding new customers to your business, then Garrett & the Wealth Factory team can help provide the tools and training you need to build the life you love.

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Website: https://wealthfactory.com/

Interested in going deeper?

Killing Sacred Cows – https://amzn.to/2lMbX1i
What Would the Rockefellers Do – https://wlth.co/Garretts-free-book

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This video is about How Life Insurance Policy Loans Work / Wealth Labs Podcast with Garrett Gunderson

Why Your “Traffic” Sucks? How to Enjoy 21% Conversions Right Now!

When I first got started online in the internet marketing and make money from home marketing niche, it was like a chicken and egg scenario for me.

I started learning how to generate tr@ffic first because in my mind at the time, I thought if you just throw enough traffic at something then it’s bound to work right?

I was Wrong about that. And found out the hard way.

See, I learned how to setup and run fb ads to my offers, and even had a FB ad rep account, and then I tried PPC on Google but just spent a bunch of money.

For the offer I had at the time, I learned FB Ads and generated traffic but struggled to convert the offer on FB.

I tried running ads on LinkedIn which also struggled to convert for THAT offer.

But never one to quit while I’m ahead, I decided to just keep trying and trying.

Eventually, I bought a funnel, and started sending Solo Ad Traffic to make my first dollar online, and much more than that since then.

So Solo Ads and List swaps or cross promotions are what worked for my offer. Your offer will be different, and so will his and hers and hers and his.

So thinking about who would buy your product one might ask who buys similar products?

Where do those prospects hang out one might wonder?

Using keywords to search in Social Media 2.0site like FB, Google, LinkedIn, and the most active places on the internet are some places where your buyers might be.

And you can search groups, posts, people, all of that, so that you can zero in and communicate with your perfect target.

After learning this method, I realized that you don’t even need your list really. Because there are huge “lists” on social media.

Eventually, you do want to capture those leads and bring them into your tribe, but at first it’s all out there for any business owner to do practically CIA level intelligence gathering

So the moral of this story is, the offer, the copy, and all of that is WAY more important than Traffic “Generation”.

I learned about copywriting first from Mike Dillard, then Dan Kennedy, and keep studying relentlessly because it is such an important skill to have.

Especially if you start out like I did doing EVERYTHING yourself.

I’ve built dozens of my own websites using WordPress, click funnels, and other tools.

For auto-responders I’ve used Active Campaign, Get Response, and Mail Chimp.

My advice is to master one thing at a a time. For example, there are a lot of copywriting books and products, and programs. One thing Mike Dillard taught me, and then I learned it from DobermanDan and others is to write sales copy by hand.

So I spent hours and hours. Copying out the Gary Halbert Letters by hand.

And that helped a lot. Another person I’ve watched and learned from is Dan Kennedy through his NO BS newsletter.

Another person I really enjoyed studying is Doberman Dan. He also has a $97 dollar a month newsletter called off the chain.

And Ben Settle is another wicked copywriter that I would.follow all over again as I’ve learned a lot from Ben.

Like something he.said about this product called Scott Haines Copywriting Secrets, which is available in an updated 2.0 version.

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, offer to list or traffic match is what is most important.

Then copywriting to sell your widget or product or service that will solve your prospects burning desires that’s also extremely important.

So ask yourself what are you selling? What is the competition doing. Should you copy their approach or pivot in the opposite direction. Really depends. And you should test it.

But swiping the competition approach is something RusselBrunson, founder of click funnels recommends.

So is it really the traffic that sucks or something else that needs to be tweaked! 🤔 Not sure.

I’m offering a ridiculous $1 brain storming marketing audit. To get a ton of knowledge and experienced business consultant to look at your stuff could easily be the best investment you ever made.

Why a dollar you might be thinking, and to be honest it’s so that I know you’re serious.

If it sounds like you, then send me a dollar and I’ll give you a thorough audit.

Sending you good vibes.

Clinton Smith


An Approach to the COVID-19 & Economic Crisis with Jay Abraham and Linda Kreitzman

Jay Abraham and Linda Kreitzman discuss the current situation of COVID-19 & the potential Economic Crisis on today’s episode of the Leverage Podcast.

Jay Abraham, who has been on the podcast many times, is an icon in the marketing and business strategy space. Jay is a brilliant thinker and sees things that most don’t see. In this conversation, we find out what he’s seeing and what other people aren’t seeing in this current situation.

Linda Kreitzman is the Assistant Dean of Berkeley’s Business School. She is the Programme Director & Executive Director of the Masters in the Financial Engineering Programme. Linda has a PhD in Economics, in this conversation we hear Linda’s perspective on what’s happening and the impact it will have.