The last marketing lesson from Dan Kennedy – A Dan Kennedy Tribute

The word spread recently about Dan Kennedy and his probable passing. His letter to his fans is a lesson in marketing in itself. Dan Kennedy was a brilliant man and he leaves a huge legacy for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers and salespeople.
If you want to learn the best marketing techniques you should look at the masters for inspiration. If you want marketing lessons from a true master you can look at Den Kennedy. You will find that Dan Kennedy Marketing skills are used by many top entrepreneurs and businesses. The word spread recently that Dan was in hospice care and all of the direct marketing world had to put in their Dan Kennedy tribute. You will want to study manipulation in marketing to understand how to influence people. You can learn a marketing lesson or sales lesson by watching the masters at what they do and model what you learn. The same is true for sales strategies and tactics as well as marketing strategies. If you want to learn marketing strategies look at the actions Dan Kennedy took by announcing his final days. He may have used marketing techniques to get the attention of people or it could have just been a coincidence. Look at what was done for direct marketing tips of getting people engaged. It could have very well been that no manipulation techniques were used and this just worked out the way it has or it could have been well planned out. This event really is some direct marketing training you can used in your own business if you think it out. Marketing lessons and marketing techniques from Dan Kennedy are legendary.

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Genius Network Mastermind: Freedom Manifesto with Steve Forbes and Joe Polish

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Joe Polish at Rawlicious in Toronto

Joe Polish at Rawlicious, Raw food Restaurant in Toronto with friends eating Raw Food and talking about David Wolfe coming to Toronto. Visit if you want to eat here.

$400 Jamaican Patty Eating Contest! Molly Schuyler | Dan Kennedy | Andy Puhl | New York

Today we are at the Elite Eats Entertainment Caribbean Food Delights Jamaican Patty eating contest. The contest was a “first to finish” and the food was 7 Pattys. Prizes were 1st $400, 2nd $200, 3rd $100. #NYC #ManVsFood #MollySchuyler

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The Lead Magnet With Frank Kern: A Tribute to Dan Kennedy

Tune into today’s episode of The Lead Market to join Frank Kern as he pays a tribute to legendary marketer, Dan Kennedy. Here Frank attempts to condense 18 years worth of study into his top 10 take aways. Perhaps you too will be able to take away a lesson or two.