The Phenomenon – Andrew Lock & Dan Kennedy

The Phenomenon ( features Andrew Lock (renegade eBay auction selling advisor) and Dan Kennedy, (legendary marketer of infomercials like Proactiv etc). Unlike ‘The Secret’ it has a practical focus on WHAT to do, not just dreaming positive thoughts.

Michael Gravette – Dan Kennedy Success Story Glazer-Kennedy Member, Michael Gravette, shares his Glazer-Kennedy Success Story and How Dan Kennedy and Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle has helped him to create the successful lifestyle he lives today.

Stealth Marketing Jay Abraham and Falling in Love with your Clients – Stealth Marketing Jay Abraham – Ever wonder why 97% of businesses struggle. Avoid the pain of failing in your business due to a lack of effective marketing.

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The 5 Keys To A Thriving Relationship with Jim and Mimi Dew at Joe Polish’s Genius Network

The 5 Keys To A Thriving Relationship: Jim and Mimi Dew Reveal Their Relationship Secrets at Joe Polish’s Genius Network. To learn more about Genius Network® click here:

Mimi and Jim Dew are in a thriving romantic relationship and have discovered the 5 keys to keep it that way. They understand that a good relationship makes for a happy home life – and is great for business! Mimi and Jim know this because, not only are they life partners, they’re business partners, too!

In this episode, Mimi and Jim share the 5 keys to a thriving relationship and tips on how to unlock each one.

Recorded LIVE at Genius Network.


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South America – Monster Website Profits – Gary halbert newsletter – lead magnet copy example

This newsletter is a fun example of story based copy written to tease the reader then collect emails in exchange for a free report.

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David Ogilvy and Company Culture – Kenneth Roman at Blue Fountain Media

Kenneth Roman visited Blue Fountain Media to speak about his time working with David Ogilvy as head of the Ogilvy advertising agency. For more, visit

Bob Bly Writing Special Reports

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George Krahn Tells His Story of How Perry Marshall Made an Impact on Him and His Agency

How did our agency get started?

Listen to George Krahn telling the story of how Perry Marshall impacted him.

Doberman Dan | Why Bill Murray is my new hero

Doberman Dan | Why Bill Murray is my new hero

If you’re awake and paying attention, then what I’m sharing HERE could be the secret to making more money than any sane human being could ever possibly need.

If that’s your thang.

Or… if you’ve already got all your financial bases covered and are looking for something more…

Then this could be an almost instant path to enlightenment.

And it came from the most unexpected person… Bill Murray, the comedic actor.

It’s all explained here on the latest episode of Off The Chain.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

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“He Walked On Water” cover by Dan

“He Walked On Water” cover by Dan Kennedy.

Doberman Dan: How To Create And Sell A Physical Print Newsletter

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As a full-time police officer and part-time serial entrepreneur, Doberman Dan spent almost a decade trying to start a successful business. Then he started a direct mail fitness newsletter and finally started making money. Just a year later he quit the police force.

Dan likes to call himself a “kitchen table” entrepreneur, having written hundreds of successful sales letters, direct mail packages, feature articles, and newsletters while kicking back in his home. He’s seen too many businesses make common mistakes rather than change their approach to marketing. And he wants to save them so they can start making maximum money in minimum time.

Not every part of your business should be online. Listen in as Dan shows Matt and Joe how he uses his newsletter to leverage every part of his business, his system to easily keep your letters high-quality, and tactics to quickly grow subscriptions. After the episode, go check out our conversations with Adil Amarsi and Craig Simpson for more copywriting insights.

“You know, sometimes you produce your best stuff when you’re under the gun and you don’t have the option to goof off.“-Doberman Dan

Some Topics We Discussed Include:
The psychological benefits of a public alter-ego
A system to keep your newsletter consistently awesome
Rules for finding the right page count for your letter
Why over delivering can kill your subscriptions
How to tell when you’re writing at your best
The content your most knowledgeable customers want to read
A system to keep your ideas in order
How to target an audience using your superpower
Newsletter tactics to increase your stick rate
The simplest, low-cost system to mail a printed newsletter
What to do with an email list that isn’t converting
A targeted way to use a newsletter to quickly grow a business
Why direct mail is an effective way to start a business (now more than ever!)

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Off The Chain Podcast

References and Links Mentioned:
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Free Evergreen Traffic Playbook
The Perpetual Audience Growth Course – Learn how to drive consistent, high-quality traffic day in and day out
The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Adil Amarsi : Tactics And Formulas To Write Amazing Sales Copy
Craig Simpson : The Direct Mail Marketing Masterclass

Is Selling Evil? Sales expert Joe Polish–perspective on sales

David Ogilvy’s book; “Confessions of an Advertising Man”

Recorded with

Fishbeef’s – PART 1 – Video by [ David Ogilvy ]


Fishbeef [ Part 1 ] to BinkNyc’s “Formula” for building and maintaining
successful businesses from INSIGHT to Branding right through Advertising.

Quotes by David Ogilvy • SWOT analysis • Business Model Canvas •
Richer videos with authority and refinement.

Fishbeef is a digital marketing agency based in NYC doing videos for NYC Lawyers.
The next best thing to a face-to-face meeting is a VIDEO.

Videos are excellent and very relevant for connecting to people in a very saturated digital ecology. With Fishbeef, you connect visually and with a very high-quality video. You also connect through music and voice too.

To add the NEXT LEVEL to your video,
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Jay Abraham – The Strategy of PreEminence – Part 2 of 3