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#31 – Evolution, Creationism, Technology, and Design with Perry Marshall

Perry is located in Chicago, Illinois and is a speaker, engineer and world-renowned business consultant to over 300 industries, from computer hardware and software to finance and biotech. With a degree in electrical engineering and a decade of research as well as being the author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing and Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, he brings a fresh perspective to the 150-year old evolution debate. Just as Bill Gates of Microsoft and the founders of Google revolutionized software and the Internet through their status as outsiders, Perry similarly harnesses a communication engineer’s outsider’s


Google Adwords – Seminar w Perry Marshall – Sept 2012 – meeting Perry and other speakers

http://www.TimFrancisMarketing.com – I attended Perry Marshall’s “Rainmaker Alchemist” weekend in Chicago (Sept 2012), where the speakers discussed Google Adwords, Infusionsoft, How to do Webinars that sell, Buying businesses, SEO, and other interesting topics. While there I met tons of amazing people, including Perry Marshall, Bryan Todd, Brad Geddes, David Rothwell, Ari Galper, Jack Born, John Paul Mendocha, Kevin Milani, Ryan Masters to name a few. Overall, a spectacular weekend of internet marketing – and truly direct marketing


An Encounter With Jay Abraham

In this episode of the CEO Warrior podcast the roles are reversed and Jay Abraham is interviewing Mike Agugliaro. Jay and Mike discuss the origins of Gold Medal Service and CEO Warrior and talk about the biggest mindset change that Mike made over the course of his business that allowed him to go from two guys and a truck to generating $30+ million a year in revenue before selling his company.

Key Lessons Learned:

CEO Warrior

CEO Warrior was given birth by Mike Agugliaro and Mike Disney in an


Eliminate Your Limits: How to be More Successful – Carrie Campbell & Brian Grasso

Eliminate Your Limits: How to be More Successful, Wealthier & Happier. To learn more about Genius Network® click here: https://goo.gl/0mX9id

Do you ever get the feeling you are holding yourself back but don’t know what to do to change it? You can get the best seed in the world, but it needs to be in the right soil to grow.

How would you like to eliminate your limits?

Carrie is a clinical counselor with 20 years of experience working with, among others children with special needs. Brian has a PhD, comes from


A Crazy Lazy Way To Reduce Weight – Eugene Schwartz

Another advertising review of the billion-dollar revenue generating genius of Eugene Schwartz.

On this review, you’ll learn:
– How to make your headlines irresistible
– How to use power keywords effectively
– The importance of Future Pacing (and what the hell is it all about)
– The Risk Reversal strategy that makes any deal become instantly irresistible .
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Re-Working the Notion of Evolution—Perry Marshall—Evolution 2.0

Author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, creator of the Evolution 2.0 podcast, and electrical engineer Perry Marshall joins the podcast today for a compelling and exciting conversation about everything life and evolution, offering his opinion on questions concerning the origin of new species and the origin of life. He discusses a variety of topics along the way, including plant versus animal hybridization, symbiotic mergers, the cognition and intelligence of cells, Donald Williamson’s theory about metamorphosis, CRISPR gene editing, epigenetics, and emergent properties. The overarching and perhaps


David Ogilvy Anyhow I Love You

David Ogilvy performs Guy Clark’s “Anyhow I Love You” at Rochefort en Accords festival august 2007. On pedal steel is BJ Cole, bass fiddler is John Lester and on the drums Jeff Boudreaux. Lurking in the background is George Wolheart. This is the first time the boys had played this song together but you wouldn’t notice. It was filmed by students from the Lycée Merleau-Ponty and JC Ditroy + Patrick Farine.

Google Adwords – Perry Marshall Interacting with Camp Checkmate

http://bit.ly/CampCheckmate Reactions to a 6-minute Camp Checkmate exercise by members of Perry Marshall’s exclusive Roundtable in Orlando, Florida. Recorded January 2010.

If you’re using AdWords just to drive traffic, you’re missing it’s most powerful function: a fast track, done-for-you collection of competitive market intelligence.

At Camp Checkmate, you’ll use this intel to create hyper-effective marketing messages that set you apart as the Obvious Choice in your market.

Next workshops:

April 1-2, 2010: Durham NC (limited to 30 participants)
June 10-11, 2010: Chicago IL


God Cells – Perry Marshall, Engineer, Author of Evolution 2.0 – Underestimating Nature: The Ideol…

Perry Marshall, noted science author of Evolution 2.0, and electrical engineer by trade, leads us on an interesting journey through the science and theory of life itself.Marshall states that we are only just beginning to grasp the natural genetic engineering that is literally going on all around us daily. He explains how traditional theories quite often offer that occasional positive changes or mutations have the power to populate the earth with diverse life forms; however, this isn’t accurate.According to Marshall, cells are actually re-engineering themselves all the time. Many traditional


The Wow Factor: How Mind Mapping Can Catapult Your Business – Gary Klaben

The Wow Factor: How Mind Mapping Can Catapult Your Business – Gary Klaben. To learn more about Genius Network® click here: https://goo.gl/0mX9id

Mind maps have helped Gary Klaben generate over 6 million dollars. In this Ten Minute Talk™, he explains what a mind map is and how it delivers clarity. Gary then goes on to examine how to use mind maps to increase your value and make more money in your business.

Gary Klaben graduated from West Point in 1979 and spent six great years in the U.S. Army infantry. He


Ogilvy on Marketing and Selling

David Ogilvy has been called ‘the world’s greatest salesman’, even though he is more famous as the father of modern advertising. The reason is that he applied the learnings from his early career in selling and consumer research to build his advertising empire.

Even the Finest Sword Will Rust // SPARTAN WAY 026

I first heard this Sun Tzu quote from my friend and NFL Veteran,
John Welbourn. It REALLY hit home for me as I have experienced
Countless times how an environment can lift you up or hold you back.


Surround yourself with battery chargers as our friend Joe Polish says to gain inspiration from others
As a parent, keep an eye on your kids’ friends. Do they make your child better or add more stress?
Whether it’s work, sports, gym – you’re always in an “environment” and surrounded by people. Make sure these environments