3 Fast Ways For Business Owners To Increase Revenue Fast!

3 Fast Ways For Business Owners To Increase Revenue Fast using Email Marketing, List Building, and Social Media together!

Build Your Email List! Connect your website to social media. And use these feedback loops to create a buyer frenetic environment. 
Now, Whether you have a brick and mortar business, or an online publishing business, restaurant owner, bar owner, you need to build a “List” or audience.
  • First get yourself a “lead magnet” such as a guide, or e-book, or video series, or something of benefit to have your client be willing to “raise their hand” and show they is interested in hearing from you again.
  • (Let’s say you have a restaurant and when visitors arrive at your website they see an Irresistible Coupon Discount for “buy 1 dinner and get the 2nd dinner for Free with a complimentary bottle of wine”.
  • Now as the business owner you have rewarded a visitor to your website, and now you have their email address and on Tuesdays when business is slow you can send out an email Monday night offering “Taco Tuesdays” $1 drinks 4-8 Happy Hour!”).
  • You can pay someone to build a lead magnet for you easily on a site like https://www.fiverr.com; or https://www.upwork.com/.
  • You can create it and outline it and have someone add graphics.
You will need an email “auto-responder” such as
Get Response
Or Active Campaign
Both of these are fantastic service providers for professional email marketing campaigns.
which is a way to communicate with people who have signed up and shared their email address, home address, phone number,  or contact details and has given you permission for you to follow up with them
  • You will need a series of emails or videos that can follow up or have a professional email copywriting expert write your emails for you
Here is what you see starting to happen in your business (You could even have this setup this weekend).
  • You now have a lead magnet.
  • You have an email follow up sequence
  • You have a promotional plan throughout the year
  • You use your promotional plan to track your results for continuous improvement
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Clinton Smith
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Published Author:
“You Need Local Marketing”, available on Amazon
MBA in Finance & Marketing Pepperdine University